Top 3 Budget-Friendly Ways to Remodel Your Kitchen Space

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Besides our bedrooms and bathrooms, the most important part of our home is the kitchen. It is the control center for all things food, drinks, and also light storage. All of us love food and love having something to drink, whether it be water, juice, soda, or a milkshake. Pertaining to food, kitchens can either be used for cooking or used simply to store food. Some people enjoy cooking, others don’t, but both camps like eating.

In most of our homes, the kitchens are often worked on the least. People prefer to upgrade rooms, bathrooms, closets etc., but very rarely does the kitchen get the love that it deserves. It is one of the most frequented parts of the house and it needs to be taken care of. If you have a kitchen remodel in your sights and also want to stay on a budget, you’ve come to the right place.

Budget-Friendly Ways to Remodel Your Kitchen

This article is going to walk you through what we think are the three best ways to remodel your kitchen on a budget. The upgrades involve improving both the form and function of your kitchen so that it looks and works better.


The kitchen countertop gets used more than any other surface in the house. You cut, mix, and do a lot of different things on the kitchen countertops. Over time, this might lead to wear and tear which can result in the countertops looking dull or disheveled. When considering a remodel for your kitchen, the countertops should be the first thing that you go for.

When you walk into a kitchen, the countertops are one of the first things that people lay their eyes on. You could have the nicest paint and fanciest appliances but if your countertops are in bad shape, then the entire kitchen looks bad. There are many options to choose from such as marble and granite but when on a budget, you want to find something that looks good but doesn’t break the bank.

The best option for you in this case is using quartz or Caesar stone. Man-man quartz can be made in a way to mimic the look and feel of marble countertops while costing a fraction of the price. Moreover, quartz is a lot more durable than marble and also requires far less effort to maintain it. This makes it an ideal option to choose when it comes to making your kitchen look better while also keeping it well within your budget.

Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets in your kitchen store everything from dishes and cutlery to spices and supplies. They sit at an elevation to remain in reach but also not come in the way. A vast majority of cabinets are made of wood which will, over time, begin to show signs of wear and tear.

Moisture is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to kitchen cabinets, slowly eating away at the wood until it begins to sag or break. Instead of waiting for them to collapse and break down, you should be on top of the case and do something about it.

Begin by assessing the condition of your cabinets. If there is extensive damage, consider replacing them with new ones. However, if there is light wear and tear such as faded or chipped paint, consider removing the cabinets, sanding them down, and preparing them for new paint. The safest bet would be to go with cabinets because the color goes with everything but if you want to breathe new life into the kitchen, get a new color and something that offsets the existing color palette. For example, black and cream would be a wonderful combination to choose from. However, we would not recommend that you do this on your own. Instead, hire someone to do the job for you because it will save you time and effort. It might cost you money to do so but the end product will be a better quality one. This might take your bill up a little bit but it would still cost less than completely replacing the cabinets, to begin with.

Upgraded Hardware

A simple and effective way to upgrade your kitchen is by replacing the existing hardware and fittings. This could include faucets, handles, taps, and knobs. By upgrading these parts of your kitchen, you can make one of the most-used components of your kitchen nice and new. Having new taps, handles, and knobs make accessibility a lot easier for you. You don’t have to worry about not being able to open drawers and cabinets, or you won’t have to worry about leaky sinks and unwanted wastage of water. These might seem minuscule, but over time, the benefits are great.

Furthermore, these are all relatively inexpensive ways of upgrading your kitchen. Compared to the other two options on this list, this will cost you the least amount of money but do you the most amount of good. You can either match them with the rest of your kitchen aesthetic or make them contrast with the existing colors and shades.

For example, if you have a white theme in your kitchen, choosing darker color hardware would allow it to stand out and look extremely attractive. Choosing between matte and glossy finishes can also elevate your design choices by a lot. Matte gold or bronze finish kitchen faucets make the kitchen look more elegant. Stainless steel, silver, or black will give it a more modern feel, owing to inspiration from modern design language.

Final Thoughts

Upgrading your kitchen is important. Your kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house and having it in the best possible shape is imperative if you want to enjoy being in it while also guaranteeing its longevity. It is the small things that compound to make for the larger things.

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