How to Remodel Your Kitchen

How to Remodel Your Kitchen to Make It Look Spacious?

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Remodeling your kitchen can be full of twists and turns. As one of the core workspaces of the home, kitchens require extra care when remodeling. There are many factors to consider. Many households have limited kitchen space. While it may be suitable for some people, many find it challenging to manage kitchen chores in a small area. We have some exciting ideas if you wonder how to remodel your kitchen to make it look spacious.

If you are remodeling your kitchen and want to make it spacious, there are a few luxuries you may need to cut down. Projected cabinets, additional clutter, and poor design can take up most of your free space. Let’s look at some factors you may consider to enhance your kitchen space.

Five Ways to Make Your Kitchen Spacious

1. Replace Boxy Cabinets With Shallow Ones

Cabinets are an essential part of any kitchen. If you quickly take a trip to your memory lane, you may not find a single kitchen without cabinets. They can store culinary items and food stocks. Generally, house owners opt for the “the more, the better” approach. They choose large boxy cabinets to keep the items.

Such cabinets may provide great space to store almost anything. However, they can take up too much space, making your kitchen look smaller. If you choose shallow cabinets for your kitchen, you may be surprised to see the results. These storages take minimum projected space and add more room to your kitchen.

Shallow cabinets may offer you less storage space. You can ask your kitchen remodeler to install more cabinets in line to work around this problem.

2. Too Much Hardware? Take Some of It Out

You may not find many kitchens with less hardware and appliances. While this may be correct, removing some less-used hardware from your kitchen shelves can add more space. Although such items do not take up your floor space, their clutter can make your kitchen look smaller. You can analyze the hardware you frequently need and store the rest in the cabinets.

You can install touch-activated door latches when remodeling your kitchen to access your stored items easily. Professional kitchen remodelers can provide you with multi-storage cabinet solutions to remove unnecessary clutter.

If you have many kitchen appliances, they may also make your kitchen look less spacious. Larger cabinets with touch-activated latches can also store your appliances safely.

3. Do You Really Need Two Sinks? Maybe Not

Double sinks are common in traditional kitchen designs. Most households say “yes” to installing two sinks without giving it a second thought. You may not need the double sink if you have a small family. Opting for a single sink can save you reasonable space in your kitchen. Replacing a 36-inch double sink with a 24-inch single sink can save you reasonable space.

Despite the global popularity of double sinks, modern kitchen designs equally focus on single sink settings. There are many sink options you can choose from. You may opt for a larger sink if you want to keep your sink clean and free of clutter. While it may take more space, a single sink occupies less floor area than a double sink.

You may also consult with your kitchen remodeler regarding the sink position. In-line sinks can save more floor space than other settings.

4. Smaller Dishwashers Can Play a Role

A dishwasher is a must-have for many households. The standard size of a dishwasher is 24 inches wide. If you have a limited kitchen space, you may want to utilize every inch. The standard dishwasher cabinets can take more space. If you replace them with 18-inch dishwashers, you can add a few more inches to your storage space.

Having a smaller dishwasher can also benefit you in cleaning your dishes regularly. Large dishwashing units typically require more dishes to fill up. Running the unit with fewer dishes may not deliver the best results. The 18-inch dishwasher can save you from this trouble. You can frequently wash your dishes to keep them clean at all times.

If you live in a smaller household, choosing compact dishwashers can contribute to your kitchen’s spacious look and feel.

5. Optimize Your Refrigerator Space

Optimizing your refrigerator space is one of the most complex parts of remodeling your kitchen. Most households get a large fridge to add value to their kitchen. While they accomplish their goal, the refrigerator takes up too much kitchen space. You may consider buying a compact fridge if you have a smaller household.

The smaller size of your refrigeration unit can make your kitchen look magically spacious. It can save inches from each side to provide more floor space. However, if you need a bigger unit, you may opt for wall-mount refrigerators. They take less space on the outside despite the large size.

Kitchen remodelers can provide you with multiple installation solutions to fit your needs. They can advise you on different refrigerator types best suit your kitchen space.

Wrapping Up

Optimizing your kitchen to look spacious is not a piece of cake. You may need to rethink your ideas several times before finding the perfect setting. As a homeowner, it may be difficult for you to work on the technical aspects of remodeling your kitchen. If you wonder how to remodel your kitchen to make it look spacious, you can seek assistance from the experts.

To save the back and forth, you can reach out to a professional kitchen remodeling company in your area. The remodeling experts analyze your kitchen space and advise you on the most optimum approach to remodeling your kitchen.