Renovate Kitchen with Pot filler

Top Three Things You Need to Know About Pot Fillers Before Remodeling Your Kitchen

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Pot fillers are becoming more and more trendy. Despite what some people say, pot fillers are all the rage. What is it about pot fillers that make a few people not like them, thinking they are unnecessary kitchen luxury? To be honest, you won’t know if you’ll like it until you use one.

If you are remodeling your kitchen, you should consider adding a pot filler to your kitchen. It can transform any kitchen into looking elegant and chic. It will draw the attention of anyone who enters the kitchen and is a great conversation starter.

If you are having trouble deciding, here are three things you should know about pot fillers before remodeling your kitchen:

It Keeps Your Back Healthy

If you do not often cook or cook for many people, you will not understand the strain of carrying heavy pots from the kitchen to the stove. Since healthier recipes are trending, people cook more soups, stews, and shellfish than ever. If you have to make pasta for company, it’s a lot of water to carry back and forth.

Sure, pot fillers won’t save you from draining a pot now and then, but it significantly cuts down how much heavy lifting you have to do in the kitchen. Pots of water are hands down the heaviest thing in the kitchen. The strain adds up over the years, and any reduction goes a long way for your spine’s health.

If you or a family member is disabled, then a pot filler is a no-brainer. So that you can quickly fill up pots while using the stove without too much effort. Everyone deserves to use the kitchen conveniently and not feel out of place while fixing something to eat.

Pot fillers are a hot selling point for home buyers nowadays. In fact, in his $16 Million mansion tour, Famous producer and DJ Zedd shares how it was the pot filler that made him choose the house. The added plumbing is an expensive endeavor, but it has an equally rewarding return on investment.

If you are on the fence about getting a pot filler, consider that it will increase the demand and price point of the house when you want to sell it. If you are renovating your kitchen for selling your home anyway, then it is an excellent opportunity to drive up the price of your home. Your remaining time in the kitchen will be more convenient, and you’ll finally know what all the commotion was about.

They Look Great

Pot fillers are elegant and stylish and come in many different styles and finishes. You can get a shiny minimalist one or a brushed steampunk-inspired one. They can easily be customized according to the look you are going for. Whether industrial or cottagecore, there is a pot filler out there for you.

They can be perfect for filling the negative space behind the stovetop. Any interior designer will agree that the aesthetic appeal alone is enough reason to get a pot filler for your kitchen. If you’ve seen enough pictures on social media of modern kitchens, you start to imagine how your kitchen will look with one. Then get hooked to the idea and must get it.

A pot filler can range from a few hundred dollars to almost a thousand dollars. You can find one that looks right to you in your budget in that wide range. If you are handy with plumbing, you can even install it yourself to save money. Or get it done by a professional to save yourself the hassle.

Most older houses do not have water running along that area, and the plumber would have to connect a water line to the closest source to install a pot filler faucet. However, newer homes sometimes have plumbing installed. Then you can just go ahead and screw it on with no problem.

Whether you choose to get a pot filler while renovating your kitchen or not, you sure know a lot about them now. They look great, make your home more expensive, help save time in the kitchen, make it easier for multiple cooks to work simultaneously, and protect you from back pain in the long run.