How to Increase the Storage Space in Your Kitchen?

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Having a smaller kitchen can frustrate you easily. You can encounter several kitchen management problems daily. Whether you need to cook dinner or make a dessert, you may need plenty of space to carry out these tasks effectively. If you want to know how to increase the kitchen storage space, we have a few helpful techniques that can work for you.

Unlike large households, small homes often face challenges in utilizing the kitchen space efficiently. While this may be valid, moving to a bigger house may not be the only option. You can try several solutions to maximize your kitchen’s storage space.

Tips to Increase Your Kitchen’s Storage Space

Enhance Your Pantry Storage

Remodeling your pantry storage can save you significant space. Modern pantry designs often leave plenty of functional space inside. While they may provide an eye-catching look, you may not be able to benefit from their storage area. If your pantry shelves offer limited storage space, you may need to consider remodeling them.

Choosing pantry designs with extended shelves can save you reasonable space. You may keep your groceries, food stocks, and other items on the shelves. Moreover, you can opt for customized pantry designs. If you hire a kitchen remodeling company, you can get more storage space without compromising on the outlook of your pantry.

Optimize Your Kitchen Island

If you have installed a kitchen island, you can add more space to your kitchen. Kitchen islands have cabinets and drawers to keep your hardware and other items. You can optimize the island cabinets to clear the clutter inside your kitchen cabinets. Moreover, you can use the island top as your cooking workstation.

Do you already have a kitchen island? You may want to remodel it. Not all kitchen island designs offer considerable storage space. Such workstations can take up your kitchen’s space without serving the purpose. You may consult a professional kitchen remodeler to optimize your kitchen island for more storage.

Use Wall-Mount Shelves

You can increase the storage space of your small kitchen by adding wall-mount shelves. These shelves can store the extra items that create clutter otherwise. Depending on your kitchen’s design, you can opt for fixed mounting or wall-plate mounting. You can place items on the shelves, including small appliances and less frequently used kitchen hardware.

There are many types of wall-mount shelves in the market. You may need to explore your options before choosing a specific type. Professional remodelers can advise you on increasing your storage space using shelves. You can also look up online to find portable kitchen shelves.

Redesigning Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets play a crucial role in increasing or decreasing your storage space. It is vital to analyze the size and potential of your kitchen cabinets. If you have box-shaped cabinets, they may offer more storage space. However, such cabinets can make your kitchen look smaller. Box-shaped cabinets take more floor space than compact-sized storage.

The panel cabinets take less space on the kitchen floor. They can also enhance the overall look and feel of your kitchen. While this may be correct, you may need to install more cabinets to increase the storage area. A single panel cabinet may not offer the same space as the boxy ones. You can also opt for corner cabinets with revolving shelves.

Optimize Your Sink Space

The sink area is one of the sensitive areas in the kitchen. Most people avoid storing items near the sink. However, if you properly insulate the sink area, you can utilize the space underneath. It is an effective method to increase your kitchen’s storage without doing much. Most often, kitchen sinks have a covered area below them. You may use the space to store different items.

You can find cabinet organizers to use in the under-sink space. These organizers can store multiple items without compromising on the space. If you wonder which items can fit in the under-sink storage, you can place sponges, detergents, and dish cleaners for easy access. Kitchen remodeling companies can provide practical solutions to improve your storage space under the washing area.  

Use Cabinet Door Organizers

Did you know you can increase the storage area of your kitchen cabinets by adding cabinet door organizers? Thanks to the handy kitchen management tools, you can do more with less. You can find compact organizers to hand with your cabinet doors. Such space allows you to remove the clutter from your kitchen shelves.

There are plenty of cabinet door organizers you can buy online. You may also find magnet-mount organizers. To ensure you choose the right cabinet door storage, you may consult with your kitchen remodeling company first. Remodeling experts provide you with handy solutions to increase the efficiency of your kitchen.

Summing Up

Increasing the kitchen storage space can be tricky. There are many important factors to consider. The tips above can help you organize your existing kitchen space for more storage. You can find some of the many ways online to optimize your storage.

If you plan to remodel your kitchen, you can seek assistance from one of the professional remodeling companies in your area.