Fruits That Start With R

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Raisin and Raspberry are common fruits beginning with R. But have you ever heard of Rangpur or Red Mombin? You’ll be surprised to know that there is a long list of fruits that start with R. Here is a comprehensive list of most of them. If you’re fond of finding out names of fruits with different letters, then give this a read!

1. Raisin

Raisins aren’t essentially fruits on their own. They are dried grapes, but we tend to include them in the list of fruits that start with R since they are a very common household item. Raisins are produced in most parts of the world. The fruit can be eaten raw and is also used for cooking and baking. Raisins have very high fiber content and are thus good for digestion.

2. Rambutan

Rambutan is a fruit that is native to Southeast Asia. This fruit grows on rambutan trees and is indeed a very tasty one. On the outside, the fruit is round and has long red hair. Once peeled, it looks like an onion. The fruit is very rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

3. Rangpur

Rangpur is a hybrid fruit that is a cross between mandarin orange and lemon from the genus Citrus. The name of the fruit comes from Bangladesh, which is where the first tree of this fruit grew. It is found in many other parts of the world like Bangladesh, India, and Japan. The taste of the fruit is very acidic. On the outside, the flesh of the fruit looks a lot like that of oranges.

4. Raspberry

Raspberry is definitely the most popular fruit that starts with the letter R. The fruit has a deep red color and is usually eaten fresh. It goes very well with cream as well. The flavor of the fruit is both tart and sweet, and it is often used for making jams and jellies.

5. Red Bayberry

This fruit is also known as Chinese Bayberry, owing to its country of origin. Red Bayberry has a color ranging from white to deep plum. It has a very juicy pulp and a very strong color that can stain hands and lips when eaten. Red bayberries are loaded with many vitamins, and they also have a very high level of antioxidants.

6. Redcurrant

Redcurrants are shiny little berries that taste very sweet. This fruit has numerous varieties like white, green, and red. They are mostly found in European countries. As far as its health benefits are concerned, the fruit has very little sugar content and is also abundant in vitamins C and K.

7. Red Mombin

Red Mombin has an oval shape and turns red from green when it ripens. The fruit can be eaten fresh and can also be boiled and dried. This fruit is rich in carbohydrates, which means that it can give you instant energy.

8. Red Mulberry

These resemble blackberries greatly and are found throughout the United States. They are mostly eaten raw since they taste so delicious and sweet. However, many people also choose to make pastries with Red Mulberries.

9. Rhubarb

Rhubarb is a fruit that is native to Asia. It is very easy to grow and has a sweet flavor to it. However, you must know that its leaves are toxic since they contain oxalic acid, which is not to be consumed.

10. Riberry

This fruit is not fresh fruit. It is harvested from native trees on the northeast coast of Australia. The fruit has a very sweet and spicy flavor and is mainly used to make many different jams and sauces. It has a bright red color on the outside and is soft on the inside.

11. Ridged Gourd

While a Ridged Gourd is usually classified as a vegetable, some call it a fruit too. It has a bland taste and is mostly used for cooking savory dishes. Ridged Gourd has many health benefits and can help reduce swelling when applied externally.

12. Rimu

When the Rimu tree matures, fruit forms at the end of the branches. This fruit is not good for you when eaten on its own and can give you constipation when eaten in large quantities. People who like to consume this fruit tend to add the juice of Tutu flowers to counter its toxicity.

13. Rollinia

This fruit is one that grows in humid and warm conditions. The fruit is large in shape and tastes very sweet. When the fruit ripens, it starts to turn black in color. In many parts of the world, this fruit is fermented to make wine. It can be consumed fresh and can also be used for juices and milkshakes.

14. Rose Apple

Rose apples are mostly consumed fresh and look a lot like tomatoes. This fruit is great for the brain and the liver and is best when eaten ripe.

15. Rose Hip

Rose hips look a lot like radishes. However, despite their vegetable-like appearance, you can use them to make desserts like pie or jam.

16. Roseleaf Bramble

A more common name for this fruit is Thimbleberry. It originated from the Himalayas and is now consumed popularly worldwide. It has a very bright red color and is mainly consumed for its health benefits. Australians use this as an excellent substitute for blackberry.

17. Rose Myrtle

This fruit has a greenish color and a glossy finish. It is mostly used for its popular essential oil, which can be used for many different healing purposes. You can extract the oil from this fruit through the process of distillation. As the name suggests, the fruit smells like roses.

18. Rowan

This fruit has a dark orange/red color and is an excellent food source for birds. However, since this fruit is bitter in taste, it has to be mixed in with other fruits to be eaten. It can also be eaten with some sugar on top.