Fruits That Start With E

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It is fascinating to learn about the various fruits that can be found throughout the world. Some of these fruits are known, while others are completely new and exciting to many people. You never know what you will discover.

These fruits, ranging from tart to sweet, begin with the letter E! Find out more about the unusual fruits in this article.

1. Elephant Apple

Native to China and other Asian countries, this tropical fruit is delicious. You might think that they are named elephant apples because of their size. However, that’s not the case. Elephant apple got its name because this apple construes an absolute favorite meal for the elephants.

Despite its appearance, this fruit is related to the regular apples you buy! These elephant apples have a pit instead of a core. This fruit has a hint of bitterness. Therefore, many people prefer to have it with a touch of sugar.

2. Emblica

Emblica berries, often known as Indian Gooseberries, are vitamin C-rich fruits. Emblica is commonly consumed as a natural anti-inflammatory by those seeking a more holistic approach to their health.

The emblica berries have a fibrous texture and can be bitter or sour. You can cultivate them in your home garden. However, once ready to harvest, they require a lot of time and effort to collect!

Only the tree’s highest branches bear these berries. Therefore, gathering them requires a ridiculous amount of climbing.

3. Eastern May Hawthorn

Although actually a berry, this fruit tastes and looks a lot like an apple. However, it has a considerably more delicate flavor than a typical apple. Despite the fact that these fruits are edible, you might not want to consume them because of their small size. It can take a lot of time and effort to get a single piece of this fruit, which is why most people refrain from planting them in their home gardens.

4. Emu Apple

The emu apple fruit is a sour berry. It is said that consuming these berries in abundance can cause hallucinations, making it a dangerous food. In Australia, this fruit grows on trees that can reach up to 10 meters in height! When the fruit ripens, the berries turn purple instead of green.

5. Emu Berry

Emu berries are native to Australia’s southwest. These berries have an unpredictable harvest season. There are years when the plants bear no fruit at all, and then there are years when the vines have an abundance of berries!

In most cases, people prefer to cultivate this fruit because its plant is so beautiful and pleasant to look at. However, the berries are bland and tasteless.

6. Elderberry

The elderberry looks like a blackberry. However, it has a milder flavor and can be harsh when eaten raw. When its immune-boosting benefits were uncovered in the early 2000s, the elderberry became very popular. After that, people started using elderberry pills to treat flu and cold symptoms.

7. Eggplant

The high-fiber flesh of the eggplant makes it an excellent substitute for meat in many vegetarian meals. This fruit has a neutral taste on its own. However, you can cook it with various spices that can enhance its flavor and give it a unique taste. Try it in a ratatouille or fry it garlic and parmesan – you have got yourself a mouthwatering dish!

8. Etrog

Etrog fruit has a religious significance. Sukkot is marked by the use of this fruit, which has a cultural significance in Judaism. Alternatively, you can use this fruit to make candies or jams.

There are two rows of tiny seeds in the heart of the Etrog’s fruit, resembling a big lemon in shape. You can only consume it when it is cooked or sweetened. Otherwise, raw etrogs don’t sit well with gardeners.

9. Eggfruits

Eggfruits are heart-shaped golden fruits that thrive in the warm soil of Latin America. The Southern United States has a few cold-hardy cultivars. The texture of this fruit is what gives it its name. It is often compared to a hard-boiled egg.

You can eat this fruit raw. However, remember that there isn’t much juice in this fruit because it has a solid structure.

10. Entawak

Entawak Fruit has an intriguing appearance. It looks like an actual porcupine! The spikes on these seedpods serve as a natural defense against weather conditions. These spikes help in the maturation of some of the seeds.

The seed pods of the entawak are covered in a thick, fibrous shell. As far as the taste goes, it has a pumpkin flavor. You can roast the seeds and sprinkle some salt on them before consuming. You can also prepare an Entawak pie. However, it is said that not everyone likes the taste of this pie.