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Top Three Most Well-Renowned Culinary Schools in The World

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After making cooking a career choice, the next step is to look for correct guidance. There are many branches to specialize in the kitchen, from cooking a three-course meal to being a dessert specialist, a person can find their niche in which they can learn the basics of all.

A culinary school is the only place that teaches you the fundamentals and trains you with the right skills. However, these are expensive, and not everyone can afford them. Many top schools offer aid and scholarships to students they deem worthy and can nurture them to their full potential.

In this post, we have selected the top most well-renowned culinary schools worldwide to which you can apply. If you are looking for scholarships, feel free to browse through their aids and scholarships section on their respective websites. The criteria to get admitted to a culinary school is quite simple; the only requirement is a high school diploma or a standardized score.

Best Culinary Schools Around The World

Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, USA

The famous French chef who modernized the traditional french cooking techniques and introduced them all over the world, Auguste Escoffier, must feel honored that the top culinary school is named after him. The school is based in the U.S., with campuses in Austin, Texas, and Boulder, Colorado. Many courses are taught online as well, so if you are not able to join the school in person, you have a chance to learn cooking remotely from your city or country.

The school aims to focus on teaching methods that Escoffier designed. Using farm-to-table philosophy that would allow the students to bond with each ingredient and know where they get the food from before processing it, the school works to prepare the students for professional environments. Several culinary and pastry art programs offer rigorous training and a spectrum of skill sets required to become a culinary expert. By the end of a program, a student has a fresh perspective about American food culture fused with french culinary skills.

Culinary Arts Academy, Switzerland

The campuses in the historical cities of Lucerne and Le Bouveret, Culinary Arts Academy, a member of the Swiss Academy Group, is one of the top culinary schools to teach entrepreneurship and a range of cooking skills from all over the world. This is the right place in Europe if you are into a short course or a professional degree of three years. There are various options, such as culinary, pastry, and chocolate arts.

As of 2020, another degree in vegetarian culinary arts is also offered, so chefs who want to diversify their palate can help themselves here.

The school has now stepped up its game and introduced master’s and post-graduate degrees so students can get a refined research experience in their chosen field. Not only will they learn international cuisines, but culinary management and business degrees are a part of the program.

Le Cordon Bleu, Paris, France

Le Cordon Bleu, established in Paris, the heart of France, has at least 40 campuses worldwide. Ranging from the U.K. to Australia, the school has a vast network that teaches all worldly cuisines. The diploma from the school is prestigious enough to land you your dream job. The programs are in the form of online courses for short terms and full-fledged bachelor’s degrees in the following fields:

  • Pastry and Confectionery
  • Cuisine of the World
  • Wine and Spirits
  • Hospitality Management and Gastronomy
  • Danish Pastries and Artisan Breads

The school offers multiple scholarships on merit and for worthy students who cannot pay the fee.

Wrap Up

Many other culinary schools teach almost the same techniques and skills, but if you want to make a name for yourself, a diploma from these schools is the correct way to kickstart your career.