What unique chocolate bar flavors exist in the world?

Top Ten Most Unique Chocolate Bar Flavors Around The World

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Would you believe it if we said that orange isn’t a unique chocolate bar flavor? There are many weird flavors out there, and orange doesn’t even get close.

Chocolate is a dessert loved by all, and it comes in many kinds of flavors. Be it dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate, they each have their own set of unique flavors. Some of these unique chocolate bar flavors look like Charlie made them in the Chocolate Factory.

Here are the top ten most unique chocolate bar flavors around the world.

Top 10 Most Unique Chocolate Bar Flavors Around the World

What are some of the weirdest chocolate bar flavors?

1. The Red Bean Flavor

Japan’s KitKat industry sought to incorporate the red bean sandwich loved by the Japanese into their chocolate bar. The red bean sandwich, also known as the adzuki, is a mild-tasting sandwich eaten as a snack. KitKat turned the mild-tasting snack into a mildly sweet-tasting chocolate bar.

2. The Bacon Flavor

If there is one thing the American people love besides Beyonce, it’s bacon. Hence, Chuao Chocolatier thought to combine the flavor into their chocolate bars. The savory, crispy bacon bits are ingrained in the chocolate bars and come in flavors such as ‘Applewood smoked’ and ‘Alderwood smoked salt.’

3. Potato Vodka Flavor

Austrian chocolate company Zotter is known for their creative chocolate flavors, which makes them an acquired taste. One innovative and unique chocolate bar flavor that Zotter came out with was the sweet potato infused with vodka flavor. The sweet and spicy flavor might not be typical in chocolate bars, but that didn’t hold Zotter back.

4. Algae and Chili Flavor

Gnosis came out with their raw cocoa chocolate bar (no dairy) with algae and chili mixed into the bar. The spicy concoction is perfect for spice-loving lactose intolerants.

5. Peanut and Ketchup Flavor

There are peanut lovers, and there are ketchup lovers. However, there might not be any peanut with ketchup lovers. Zotter looked beyond the unique taste and blended peanuts, ketchup, and chocolate into one bar.

The bar was limited edition chocolate that celebrated Barack Obama’s presidential win.

6. Ramen Noodle Flavor

Ramen is considered comfort food for many, perfect for the harsh and lonely winters. We all know at least one person obsessed with Ramen noodles. So did Komforte Chocolates, who came up with the Ramen noodle-infused dark chocolate bar. The crunchy bar contains 53% dark chocolate and dried Ramen noodles.

7. Sushi Flavor

Sushi is a dish that may not be for everyone; the Japanese are known as sushi lovers. KitKat infused their chocolate bars with tuna, sea urchin, and egg to create their limited-edition sushi-flavored chocolate bar. Let’s be honest; it shouldn’t even be considered chocolate. Thankfully, the limited edition flavor is no longer on the shelves.

8. Pizza Flavor

Pizza has been experimented on continuously worldwide, with more unique flavors in pizza than in any other fast food. There might even be a chocolate pizza somewhere in the world. However, there certainly is pizza chocolate.

Dylan’s made a sweet, salty Belgium chocolate par infused with pizza flavor. There is even a pizza white chocolate bar. Pineapple on pizza might not be the only controversial pizza taste.

9. Cheese and Onion Chip Flavor

Most of us love cheese, and most of us love onion chips. Some of us even love onion chips with cheese dip. However, add chocolate to the mix, and we might think differently. Tayto released a sweet and savory milk chocolate bar with cheese and onion chips.

Despite popular opinion, the chocolate bar was well-liked by the public.

10. Ant Flavor

The weirdest and most unique chocolate bar flavor out there is the ant flavor chocolate. We might’ve seen people eat ants and other insects on a dare, but to eat them as a chocolate bar isn’t commonly seen in the world.

Several chocolate brands sell Ant flavored chocolate that is infused with real farmed red fire ants. Have you ever wondered how red ants tasted? Here’s your chance to find out.

Honorary Mentions

It was challenging to choose the top ten most unique chocolate bar flavors, mainly because there are so many. Some of these flavors deserve an honorary mention in our list:

  • Pig’s Blood Flavor contains pig’s blood, cinnamon, and paprika.
  • Mushroom Flavor: contains dark chocolate with dried mushroom powder.
  • Camel Milk Flavor: contains nutritious camel’s milk and is considered a bar of premium chocolate.
  • Chai Coffee: contains chai and ginger and is akin to coffee chocolate.
  • Cigar Flavor: contains nicotine, cigar leaves, rum, and cognac.
  • Indian Curry Flavor: contains sweet curry powder and curry leaf.


There are many abnormal and perhaps disgusting flavors of chocolate around the world, and our top ten unique chocolate flavors were only the tip of the iceberg. However, the taste is relative, so you might like some of these flavors. Our recommendation, if you find a unique chocolate bar flavor, try a bite.