Kitchen Makeover on a Budget

How to Give Your Kitchen a Luxurious Look Without Spending a Fortune?

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We all want a luxurious kitchen that impresses our friends. Most homes have an open planned kitchen and living area nowadays. That means we can’t hide a boring kitchen anymore. Do you want your kitchen to look lush without breaking the bank, or maybe you want to switch things up while renting a space? Never fear. We have the solution here!

Clean Your Fixtures and Appliances

We underestimate how having clean fixtures and appliances makes a kitchen look great. Appliances look great when they are new. We should keep them that way. Using an all-purpose surface cleaner to wipe down all our appliances keeps them looking brand new.

To clean metal fixtures like the sink, soak a towel in vinegar and place that over the sink to soak off any water stains. Once it’s been thirty minutes, remove the towel and scrub with a sponge and dishwashing soap.

Wipe down your counters and clean the backsplash tiles while you are at this. It takes a few minutes, and cleaning more often means there is less to clean. A clean kitchen looks expensive.

Organize Your Kitchen

Have you seen the viral restocking videos online? They are so satisfying. Seeing people stock their spice jars, fridges, and kitchen cabinets inspires us to improve our kitchens. So before doing some drastic renovations. Buy some spice jars and a rack to place them.

Get some large jars and glass Tupperware to store your grains, cereals, and pasta. Why should we store things in specialized containers instead of keeping them in their own packaging? That’s because that looks cluttered, and things spill too easily. While specialized containers mean everything has its own place, the uniformity looks great.

Peel and Stick Backsplash

Have you heard of peel and stick tiles? Let’s say you are tired of your current kitchen backsplash or you’re changing the theme of your kitchen. Imagine sticking new tiles on in minutes.

You must be wondering, can you stick peel and stick tiles on your existing tiles? Sure you can. As long as a surface is clean and dry, you can stick tiles to it. These tiles are by far the most affordable and fastest way to change the whole aesthetic of your kitchen.

You no longer have to hold back on buying that decor you wanted just because it doesn’t match your tiles. You can change the tile.

A great solution for renters. You can make the space your own without violating your rental agreements or lease.

Vinyl Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops.

Who says you must replace your kitchen cabinets if you are tired of them? That is expensive and time-consuming. We recommend using a vinyl paper sheet with your favorite design and sticking that onto your cabinets.

It’s fairly simple to apply. Remove your cabinet doors, apply the vinyl with the help of a smoothing tool, and reattach your cabinets and you are done. You can have new cabinets in a day.  

You can do the same thing to the countertops. Get your favorite design and apply it to the clean and dried countertop with a smoothing tool to ensure there are no wrinkles. To guarantee success, slowly remove the paper liner that reveals the adhesive as you apply it. You can take the help of a friend or relative. Have your partner pull out the lining paper while you smooth everything over. That advice is for both the cabinets and the countertops.

Upgrade Your Kitchen Tiles

Never Go Wrong With Lighting

Changing the lighting may never cross your mind about a kitchen. However, you can never go wrong with adding more light to a place. You can make your kitchen look amazing with a few more light sources.

Did you know you can install under cabinet lighting?

That’s a creative way to bring more functional light to your working space and make it look amazing. You can add puck lights wherever you want. These are usually battery-operated and don’t need any electrical work for installation. With more light, any area looks more spacious and luxurious.

If you want, you can change one of your roof lights for a dramatic pendant light. Pendant lights and chandeliers always look grand.

Add Something Interesting

Don’t be afraid to decorate. Even if you want a minimalist look, you’ll still want a focal point. Choose some nice decorations or even art to display on your walls. You could get interesting crockery that you can display on your countertop.

Even a crazy-looking clock on the wall could be a nice conversation starter. If you are on a tight budget, you can make your decorations with stuff from the dollar store.

Your kitchen deserves the same artistic touch as the rest of the house. In fact, you can say it needs it the most. You want to look and see things that spark joy in your heart while sweating over a hot stove.


There you go. We shared six ways to make your kitchen look extravagant without spending a fortune. You don’t need a contractor or expensive materials. You can make everything look new with easy-to-clean vinyl stick-on tiles and paper. Believe in yourself and improve your kitchen without the expensive services of a contractor.

We hope you get to upgrade your kitchen on a budget. You can make the space your own, even if it’s a rental. Good luck redecorating!