Essentials for a kitchen remodel

Top 3 Essentials for a Complete Kitchen Remodeling

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Our kitchens are one of the most important parts of our homes. This is because they are where we keep the most important part of our lives, our food and our drinks. At its core, the kitchen is where you cook and eat food, have your pantry, and use it as a storage area at times.

Besides being one of the most important, it is also one of the most used parts of your home. You eat and drink every day, which means your kitchen constantly has something or the other going on in it. If you cook, you’re using utensils and countertops. If you’re only eating, you’re using cutlery and appliances. Either way, your kitchen will regularly have some form of activity going on in it.

Over time, your kitchen will begin to show signs of age. This is evident when the cabinets begin to look dull, the countertops have taken enough impact and are now showing age, the paint has lost its color, and other parts of the kitchen are now falling apart. This is reason enough for you to get started on a kitchen remodel.

Essentials For A Kitchen Remodel

This article will talk about what we think are essentials you need to consider when remodeling your kitchen.

Home Design

When remodeling your kitchen, there is a world of possible options at your disposal. You can choose from paints, fittings, utensils, wood finishes, and other components. There are many name-brand options to choose from, but if that doesn’t float your boat, there is always an option to custom design them.

However, when choosing these different options and upgrades for your kitchen, you need to consider the way that it is going to impact the design of your home. This involves both form and function. You want to choose a kitchen theme that will look well with the rest of your home. For instance, if your home has a more traditional design with wood finishes and warm tones, a modern kitchen design with bright colors is going to look incredibly out of place. Moreover, you want to work with the space you have.

When you plan your remodeling, make sure you never forget to consider the space that your kitchen occupies. You don’t want to get anything that overwhelms or underwhelms the entire space. You can configure your remodel based on whether you want the kitchen to be an important focal point of the home or simply an area of utility that exists to serve a purpose.

Fits and Finishes

The process of remodeling your kitchen involves replacing or repairing the existing structure. You can either go with an ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ approach or you can simply redo the entire thing. Either way, you will need to make changes around the place. One of the most notable changes is the ones that involve a change of color. If you had an all-white kitchen in the past but want to bring some color into it now, you need to choose the right shades of paint.

You want something that resonates with your vision but doesn’t completely overwhelm the entire kitchen. You can either go with colors such as gray, white, cream, or off-white if you want a minimal design. If you want a pop of color, you can opt for pastel shades of colors such as blue, pink, or green. Pastel is a more toned-down version of the color which allows you to have the color you want but not for it to be right in your face.

When it comes to fittings, you need to decide what sort of design language you want to go with. You can either keep it traditional, using the tried and tested designs and finishes or you can opt for a braver approach which involves using modern designs that do the job, just differently.

For instance, we are all used to the J-faucet that we have seen in our homes and many others. This is a proven design. We have also seen in it the stainless steel finish that it is known for. You can opt for this or you can choose from a variety of fancy faucet designs that are available nowadays that come in different finishes.

When making the decisions, you must consider both form and function because it isn’t enough for it to simply look good and we don’t just want it to do the job. We must try to find something that looks nice but also does the job properly. This can be said for knobs, handles, faucets, etc.


A detail that is often overlooked when it comes to the kitchen is lighting. Having the right sort of lighting in the kitchen will allow you to see what you’re doing much better. Besides this, it will also give your kitchen another dimension to its personality. For instance, fluorescent lights will give you a cool, brighter, and more energetic look, whereas incandescent lights will give you a calm and warm feel.

When picking the lighting, make sure that it complements the rest of the fits and finishes of the kitchen. This is important because the wrong lighting paired with the wrong design language is going to make both things look completely out of place. One workaround for this issue is to opt for smart LED bulbs that you can control with your phone.

You can choose the temperature you want and also configure it to work according to what you want. For instance, in the evenings, it can be incandescent, and then as the night progresses, it can go fluorescent. If too white or too yellow isn’t working for you, you can also set a custom temperature. On days when you’re having a little fun, there are usually 16 million other colors to choose from as well!

Final Thoughts

Remodeling your kitchen can be a comprehensive yet exciting project. There are so many different combinations to choose from, and the choices are endless. You can do it on your own or you could hire a trained professional to do it for you.

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