How to keep oat milk fresh

How to Keep Your Oat Milk Fresh

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Plant-based milk is all the craze nowadays. It is an environmentally friendly way of having one of the most important and our favorite drinks – milk.

Milk is a source of calcium that makes our bones stronger. Having stronger bones translates to having a healthier body because, without healthy bones, healthy organs will also suffer. If you constantly have aching joints and weak bones, life will be incredibly difficult for you. However, the dairy industry is responsible for some of the most damaging greenhouse emissions in the entire world.

According to some estimates, the dairy industry is responsible for more damage to the environment than all the vehicles in the world.

Plant-based milk is the solution to this problem. While they have been around for some time, their acceptance is still not as common as it should be. However, in recent times, it has picked up and more people are having plant-based milk compared to ever before.

You might have heard of the more common soy milk or almond milk somewhere on the internet. These two are the kings of the plant-based milk industry but there is another: oat milk.

Oat Milk – How Is It Made?

To make oat milk, all you need is oats, water, and digestive enzymes. You start pouring oats into a bowl and adding water until the oats are submerged in an inch or so of water. Next, you add the digestive enzymes and allow them to do their job for 15 minutes. Pass this mixture through a sieve and then rinse it with water.

Take a blender, four cups of water, and your oat mixture, and blend it. This mixture should then be passed through a nut milk bag, and your oat milk will come out of it.

Storing It

How to store oat milk

Oat milk is the same as other types of milk, plant-based or dairy. It needs to be stored in a cool place and not exposed to air for too long. If you leave it out, exposed to the environment, it will go bad. 

As soon as you collect your oat milk, it should be poured into an airtight container and placed in the refrigerator. To ensure that it lasts as long as possible, you should keep it at the back of the refrigerator where it is the coldest. This should keep your milk for around a week or so, which is a lot of time for you to keep milk.

If you take it out and see that it has separated, this doesn’t mean that it has gone bad. Make sure the lid is closed and give it a nice shake. It will mix again, and then you should be good to go.

Keeping It Fresh

Keeping it in the fridge should do the job for the first few days. However, if you want to keep it for longer, then homemade oat milk might not be the way to go. No matter how you keep it, homemade oat milk won’t last longer than a week or so. If you want oat milk that lasts longer, try store bought oat milk instead.

Brands offer oat milk that is enriched with the nutrients it might be lacking. Furthermore, it will also come in packaging that keeps the oat milk safe for many months or until its expiration date.

Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about leaving it out in the open because unless the seal is opened, it is good to go.