How to Wash a Pod Coffee Machine

How to Clean and Maintain Your Pod Coffee Machine

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A pod coffee machine is an amazing kitchen appliance for any coffee enthusiast who is not ready to settle for a bad cup of coffee. These coffee machines require no skill or prior practice to make the ultimate cup of coffee. Moreover, the coffee pods and capsules ensure that the taste is consistently delicious every time.

Just like their consumer-friendly design that makes the art of coffee making easy for all, one can clean out these pod coffee machines just as easily. Following certain steps and tips can help thoroughly clean all the machine’s different components, which will help maintain its quality and lengthen its lifespan.

Continue reading the article below to learn why it is important to keep your pod coffee machines clean and how you can carry out the cleaning process for proper maintenance.  

Why Is It Important to Clean Your Pod Coffee Machine?

Any machine or appliance designed to produce items of human consumption should always be kept hygienic. When machines meant for preparing foods and drinks are not cleaned out properly, bacteria and mold can begin to grow inside.

As a result, any food or drink prepared in the machine is of poor quality and can negatively affect our health.

Similarly, a pod coffee machine is designed to replace traditional coffee machines and is usually used daily. If a consumer puts off the whole cleaning and washing process, the residue will build up and eventually be harder to remove.

Moreover, since many pod coffee flavors have a lot of sugar, dripping on the machine or the drip tray could attract insects and bacteria. Furthermore, the flavor and freshness of the cup of coffee are compromised when it drips through a dirty machine.

Hence, a person must know how to clean out their pod coffee machine to develop a proper washing routine. Doing so will help keep the machine in perfect running condition and increase its lifespan.

Top Five Tips to Clean and Maintain Your Pod Coffee Machine

Use Cleaning Pods Everyday

Many brands that manufacture coffee pod machines, such as Nespresso, have introduced cleaning pods and capsules to aid the machine’s cleaning process. These cleaning pods look exactly the same as a coffee pod and are inserted into the pod coffee machine the same way as well.

The only difference is that while a coffee pod contains a blend of grounded coffee beans and several other ingredients, a cleaning pod contains a washing liquid solution. The cleaning pod solution is tested to be non-toxic and 100% food safe and is meant to clean the pod coffee machine’s brewing chamber.

All you have to do is take off the machine’s lid, insert the cleaning pod, put the lid down, fill up the coffee tank with fresh water, and hit start. Just like the machine takes in a coffee pod’s contents, it will allow the cleaning mixture to run through the brewing chamber and clean it out thoroughly.

The liquid will eventually drop out of the machine, just like coffee, and take out all the built-up residue and dirt. You can run the machine a couple of times for more thorough cleaning to ensure that the cleaning solution does a spot-on job.

Only Use Clean Filtered Water

Clean water is key for cleaning out any kitchen appliance. If water quality is poor, then the kitchen utensils and cooking appliances would not be safe enough for human use.

Remember only to use clean, filtered water when washing out your pod coffee machine. This is important because tap water contains several dissolved salts and other substances. When this kind of water is run through your pod coffee machine, it will cause salt deposits and limescale build-up inside the machine.

Over time, the build-up might form blockages within the machine, affect the easy passage of water, contribute to pressure loss, and cause leakages. The consumer will then have to turn to costly machine repairs in severe circumstances.

Moreover, apart from hindering the water’s movement, the salt and lime build-up will affect the taste and quality of your coffee.

Hence, to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee that tastes consistently delicious, use fresh filtered water to clean out your coffee pod machine.

Flush the Coffee Pod Machine with Water Before Usage

Most consumers often miss or forget this particular step, despite its importance. Since you might not be able to clean out the coffee pod machine thoroughly each day, flushing the machine before usage can help perform an easy, quick everyday cleanup.

You have to fill the pod coffee machine’s water tank with clean filtered water and run the machine a few times. Doing this every day before preparing your cup of coffee will ensure that the water flushes out any traces of the previous day’s coffee and any possible mold growth.

Repeating this before using the coffee machine can help ensure that the coffee tastes delicious every single time.

Clean the Milk Steam Wand

Adding milk to your coffee can enhance your coffee’s richness, taste, and texture. However, many consumers forget to clean the milk off their steam wands. If the milk droplets on the wand go bad, and the wand is used without proper cleaning, it could ruin your coffee’s flavor.

Hence, always remember to clean off any traces of milk from the steam wand after you have used the coffee machine. Doing so will help keep the whole process hygienic while improving the quality and taste of your coffee.

If you have not been previously following this tip and have hardened milk residue accumulated on your steam wand, dip the wand in a container filled with hot water. Leave the wand inside for half an hour before removing it. Repeat the process for better results.

Use a Damp Cloth to Keep the Exterior and the Drip Tray Clean

Once you are done cleaning the pod coffee machine from the inside, end the cleaning process by wiping the machine’s outsides with a clean, gentle, damp cloth. Make sure you wipe all the coffee stains or finger marks from the machine’s buttons, lid, and other external areas.

Always use a soft microfiber cloth and keep the wiping motion gentle. Doing so will prevent the formation of any scratches and will make your pod coffee machine appear as good as new for years to come.

Final Thoughts

How to Keep Your Pod Coffee Machine Hygienic for Everyday Use?

A pod coffee machine is a fantastic kitchen appliance that has helped everyday consumers perfect the art of coffee making. Since this machine is expensive, you must keep it well-maintained.

Developing a proper cleaning routine and following through with it regularly can help keep the machine spotless, prevent bacterial growth, and help make delicious coffee every day.