Why do People Love Chocolate so Much?

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Do you love chocolate? We know we do. We cannot imagine a world without chocolate. We often imagine a world made of chocolate. Almost everyone in the world loves chocolate. Some are concerned we will run out of our favorite flavor. Why does everyone love chocolate so much? Let’s discuss

History of Chocolate

Chocolate was discovered over four thousand years ago, and members of ancient Mesoamerican tribes used to drink chocolate beverages in rituals and as medicine. However, it was introduced to the rest of the world in the sixteenth century. In 1519 The first time someone from the old world tried chocolate in a form much different than it was today.

Hernan Cortez saw fifty drink jugs poured into gold glasses at the court of Moctezuma. Upon returning with the beans, his accounts gave them the reputation of an aphrodisiac.

It used to be given as a medicine because of its bitter taste, but people soon discovered it became delectable once sweetened with sugar or honey. It became a popular delicacy in the Spanish court. In 1828, Conrad Van Houten invented the cocoa press. A machine that separates cocoa butter from the bean and crushes the rest of it into powder. The powder could be added to beverages or mixed into the cocoa butter to become solid chocolate. A Swiss chocolatier named Daniel Peter added powdered milk to solid chocolate; the rest is history.

Why Do We Love It?

Chocolate appeals to our primal nature. It has fat, sugar, and caffeine, which makes it highly addictive and satisfying. Here are some reasons why we think people love chocolate so much.

Mouth feel

Chocolate is solid food at room temperature. However, it melts at temperatures below our blood temperature. It melts in our mouth, instantly coating our tongue in rich, decadent cocoa butter. The smell is released and pleases our noses at the same time. The mouthfeel of chocolate is incredible and one of its most appealing features.


Just as there are people who can’t live without spicy food and others who dread it, there are bitter food lovers. Some people cannot imagine a day going by without a small brick of dark chocolate to get their cocoa kick. These people usually have their coffee black as well. They like their foods as dark and bitter as their soul, and we appreciate their authenticity.

Chocolate is one of the more delicious bitter foods to enjoy anyway. That is not why we all love it, but chocolate does have a considerable bitterness-loving fan base.


Something isn’t used for pleasure for thousands of years without it being delicious. Chocolate has the perfect fat-to-sugar ratio that makes it deliciously addictive. There are several kinds of chocolate based on the amount of cocoa-nibs, cocoa-butter, milk, and sugar.

If you can make people of all tastes happy, you are bound to stay popular forever. We love chocolate because there is chocolate out there that suits us. From white chocolate lovers to dark chocolate addicts, we can all agree we love chocolate because of its taste.


Chocolate’s unique sweet and bitter flavor combines amazingly with many ingredients. You can enjoy it with sea salt to bring out the sweetness or pair it with nuts to enjoy delicious fatty nutty richness. You can even enjoy it with cayenne pepper.