What Are the Top Eight Types of Kitchen Faucets You Can Choose From?

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Kitchen faucets are the epitome of form and function. They are a crucial part of your kitchen and could be a real conversation starter. There are so many choices for a kitchen faucet you can get overwhelmed.

We don’t think enough about faucets. They are such an essential item that they get pushed to the back of our minds. Even when building or renovating our kitchen, we care more about countertops, backsplashes, and flooring.

Many people don’t even know there are different types of faucets. Faucets are functionally and aesthetically distinct. Here are the eight different types of faucets to choose from.

Ball Faucet

Ball faucets have a single handle that moves over a ball at the top of the faucet spout. Introduced in the 1950s, they aren’t new but don’t feel very old either. Great for people who like to get their hands dirty in the kitchen but don’t want it to transfer to the faucet. They can be turned off and on so easily that one could do it with their wrist or elbow.

Disk Faucet

Disk faucets are similar to ball faucets except that they have a disk-shaped part that mixes hot and cold water instead of a ball valve to simply turn off and on the tap. If you live in a colder place, you want hot water to wash the dishes. This is the right choice if you wish to use two temperatures and still use only one hand to turn it on.

Wall-mounted faucet

This faucet requires extra wall plumbing work, but it can be worthwhile for a sleek and modern look. The faucet you mount could be compression, ball, disk, or cartridge, but the fact that it’s mounted on the wall makes it a whole new type of faucet.

If you are interested in a minimalist aesthetic for your kitchen, then nothing is fancier than a faucet coming straight out of the wall.

Compression Faucet

Compression faucets are double-sided faucets. It would help if you tightened down the washer on either side to stop the smooth flow of water. They are the oldest and most common type of faucets. When you imagine a faucet, you are most likely thinking of a compression faucet.

Mix hot and cold water by tightening and loosening the washers to different degrees. They are great for a traditional kitchen look. Old is gold, and if you like gold, this is for you.

Spread out Faucet

Spread-out faucets can be both single or double-sided. It looks like the spout and washers stem from the countertop. It is a pleasant illusion that looks pleasing to the eyes. The washers could be a disk or ball valve, but the concept remains the same. Like the wall-mounted faucet, this has more to do with how the faucet is installed than the parts it’s made of.

Flexible Faucet

Flexible faucets have flexible faucet spouts, as the name suggests. You can maneuver the faucet any way you wish. That gives you a lot more freedom in washing dishes. Great for people with double sinks who want to move their tap from one to the other.

Shower Faucet

The perfect combination of the flexible faucet and the bathroom shower is a modern faucet perfect for a modern kitchen. This is for you if you want a high-pressure shower to wash your dishes. Shower faucets come in other verities like pull-down or pull-out faucets.

Gooseneck Faucets

Gooseneck faucets have thin, long, and curved spouts at the top, like a bird’s neck. They are much higher than the conventional kitchen faucet. You do not have to bend down or strain while washing dishes. These faucets have an elegant look that is perfect for a sleek modern or traditional kitchen.


The takeaway is that there is a type of kitchen faucet out there for everyone. You must think carefully about the kind of kitchen you want, and the faucet will select itself. We hope this list of faucets was helpful to you. Good luck decorating.