Top double-door refrigerators

What Are the Top Double-Door Refrigerators of 2022?

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Double-door refrigerators have been trending for several years in modern kitchen designs. In fact, they’ve become the gold standard for high-end kitchens. Double-door refrigerators are also called French door refrigerators since they resemble a French armoire with their outward swinging doors and freezer shelves.

In addition to its stylish look, the modern double-door refrigerator pairs functionality with structure and provides effective use of space. Therefore, you can store more food with less energy consumption! They’re the best refrigerator option if you’re looking to upgrade your current model with an energy-efficient variant.

However, so many options can easily fuel your indecisiveness and make you second guess your choices. Therefore, we’ve done the homework for you and have curated a well-researched list of the best double-door refrigerators of 2022!

LG Electronics LFCS22520S Double-Door Refrigerator

LG once again came through to offer one of the best double-door refrigerators that won’t break the bank. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, LG Electronics’ LFCS22520S is a worthy contender that doesn’t cut down on a lot of features.

Consequently, for less than $1500, you can buy the compact stainless steel refrigerator, which offers more than 21 cubic feet of storage space. While it’s not the roomiest model, it’s your best bet considering the cheap price point at which it’s available. The refrigerator comes equipped with an internal ice machine, which helps save space by removing the need for ice trays.

Additionally, the freezer compartment has a space of 7.1 cubic feet, which is considerably large for a compact double-door refrigerator. The LG LFCS22520S has six adjustable door bins and a spacious sliding drawer, capable of easily holding flat metal baking trays and cookie sheets. Although it does not have an in-built water dispenser or filter, the refrigerator has a linear compressor, one of the best refrigerator compressors to minimize energy loss!

Additionally, the linear compressor also reduces friction and provides a quieter, more user-friendly experience. If that doesn’t get the ball rolling, LG Electronics also offers a 10-year warranty for their compressor technology! The LFCS22520S is one of the best double-door refrigerators if you’re on a budget!


General Electric has a longstanding star-spangled history in manufacturing electronic home appliances. The industrial giant has also made a name for itself in producing high-end refrigerator models using the most cutting-edge technology available in the sector.

GE Appliances have a new contender for this year, the GNE25JSKSS, which is the most spacious model on our list of refrigerators! The GE model boasts a space of 24.7 cubic feet, with a 7.8 cubic feet freezer drawer, taking maximum capacity to a whole new level! If you’re looking for a model that can cater to your overflowing grocery bags, the GNE25JSKSS is one of the top double-door refrigerators on the market.

While you could easily find even more spacious models, this GE model combines increased capacity with a smaller footprint, so it’s easier to install even in small kitchens. The refrigerator measures 70x33x38 inches, which is a suitable size considering its almost 25 cubic feet capacity. There are four refrigerator shelves and three sliding drawers for fresh fruits and vegetables. Although it does not have a water dispenser, you still get a standard ice maker, eliminating the need for ice trays and operating quietly.

For less than $1800, you can buy the GME25JSKSS today and enjoy the features of this spacious model, which does not compromise on style, functionality, or quality!

Whirlpool WRF555SDFZ

Whirlpool’s WRF555SDFZ is arguably the best double-door refrigerator on the market. While not the most modern product, it offers an excellent list of amenities at a justified price point, which makes up for its lack of smart features. If you’re looking to splurge on smart appliances, we have included those appliances in our list, too, so sit tight!

From the outside, the refrigerator has a premium stainless-steel finish, affording the appliance a modern and premium look. It comes equipped with a factory-installed ice maker, convenient for those who frequently entertain guests.

Additionally, the WRF555SDFZ has a spacious interior with 24.7 cubic feet of space and a roomy two-tier freezer compartment with sliding bins. To maximize energy efficiency, Whirlpool offers external temperature control settings to use the controls without opening the fridge doors.

Moreover, the refrigerator portion has adjustable door bins and removable shelves, which enable you to organize your food items any way you see fit. Unlike many double-door refrigerator models, the WRF555SDFZ comes equipped with a water dispenser and filter. One of the best features of this model is the dispenser lock, which can be triggered using external controls. It’s a particularly useful feature if you have young kids running around the house and need to ensure filtered water doesn’t get wasted.

Depending on where you buy it from, the WRF555SDFZ will cost anywhere between $2400 and $2700. It’s a little expensive compared to the other models we’ve discussed, but the refrigerator is also jam packed with high-end features, which add to its top-notch performance! It’s one of the top double-door refrigerators in 2022!

Top double-door refrigerators

Café CYE22TP4MW2

Café’s CYE22TP4MW2 is for those looking to spend big and brag about their smart refrigerator. Although it isn’t very spacious, considering its 22.2 cubic feet of internal space, CYE22TP4MW2 more than makes up for it in design and features.

The refrigerator provides a counter-depth design that seamlessly integrates cabinets and countertops for those looking for symmetry. While it’s a high-end model, the price offers great value for money in the form of customization options. You can choose a white matter to finish with gold accents and hardware for a minimalist aesthetic, a sleek matte black finish with stainless steel hardware, or a complete stainless steel finish.

For the amount of money you’re paying, Café provides an option for everyone to combine style as well as functionality in their kitchen space. For roughly $3700, it’s the perfect opportunity to personalize the crown jewel of your kitchen!

Like the numerous design options, Café also provides several high-end features and the use of cutting-edge technology in this model, making CYE22TP4MW2 one of the best double door refrigerators in 2022. Both the refrigerator and freezer spaces have their own dedicated evaporators to optimize the unit and make it more energy efficient in stabilizing temperatures. The interior is fitted with bright lighting and several gliding drawers for storing fresh produce, meat, and other food types.

In addition to its smart features, the refrigerator also has an ice and water dispenser. Unlike the other models we’ve mentioned, the latter even has hot water capability. Café has achieved the ultimate double-door refrigerator combining a premium design with high-end features in a small footprint package that can easily be installed in most modern kitchens!

LG Electronics LFXS26973S

Although Café’s entrant boasts commendable smart features, LG Electronics takes the prize with their LFXS26973S. The smart refrigerator comes at a lower price point and offers more interior space. It has Wi-Fi capability and can easily connect to your smart device to send you convenient notifications, like when the refrigerator door is left open, or the filter needs to be replaced.

Similarly, you can make the most of the Wi-Fi feature by using it to make ice or control the thermostat settings. The notifications and smart control settings effectively make your appliance more energy efficient as well!

In addition to all these smart features, the LFXS26973S also boasts a sleek stainless-steel finish with 26.2 cubic feet of internal space. The refrigerator has an interior area of 17.4 cubic feet, while the freezer has 8.8 cubic feet of space, which are on par with what high-capacity models offer. The refrigerator also has adjustable door storage as well as a deli drawer for storing large cuts of meat and an assortment of different cheeses! The dual ice maker is neatly tucked into the inside of the refrigerator and is excellent for people who regularly entertain guests. However, it is also important to mention that some people have complained that the ice maker is noisy, so you might need to consider your choice if you have infants in your house.

Moreover, the LFXS26973S is Energy Star certified and also has an external ice and water dispenser, which can fit all container sizes. The model also comes in two options depending on your kitchen size, the counter-depth, and standard-depth variants.

Many reviewers have argued that it’s the best refrigerator in 2022, offering extreme convenience and numerous features for a reasonably fair price tag. However, issues with door alignment and the noisy ice maker can be deal breakers for some people.


General Electric’s Smart 4-Door Refrigerator is the company’s high-end model with convenient smart features and an equally impressive build. It’s one of the best double-door refrigerators and even provides an extra drawer for chilled food. The adjustable temperature drawer has four temperature settings and is ideal for storing snacks, meals, and even drinks at the ideal temperature!

We have to talk about the door-in-door design, which allows access to the swiveling door bin. In terms of accessibility, it’s a game-changer, allowing people to access the swiveling door bin without opening the entire fridge and messing up with the internal temperature.

In addition to the door-in-door storage, the refrigerator also has a removable bin caddy, which increases the storage flexibility of the appliance. You can remove the caddy to organize your food items better or even use it as an adjustable drawer divider!

Moreover, it offers a total of 27.9 cubic feet of space, which is far superior to several high-end models. The design, however, does not have a small footprint, with the refrigerator being roughly 70 inches in height. If you have the money to spare a large kitchen space, the GE Profile Smart 4-Door Refrigerator will be perfect. You’re not going to need any extra storage appliances with this model! It even has an ice and water dispenser coupled with an AutoFill option to make your life easy. The smart feature enables the refrigerator to sense the dimensions of the container to fill it automatically while you finish other kitchen tasks!

Additionally, the interior is lined with an LED light wall, which offers cool ambient light that gives the refrigerator interior a premium look and feel. You can use the SmartHQ app to toggle the brightness setting from your mobile. The built-in Wi-Fi capability also allows you to enable Turbo Cool and Turbo Freeze settings. The soft-closing drawers are another convenient feature, enabling quick and easy access to your favorite fruits and vegetables without straining your arms and wrists.

Going for roughly $3800, the refrigerator is chock full of high-end features. While we’ve mentioned the main ones, we’ve barely scratched the surface! The Energy Star qualified model is one of the top double-door refrigerators in 2022!


While you might come across similar refrigerators or models offering identical features, we compared the price tags, features, and the build of the appliances to curate this list. We hope you enjoyed learning about the best double-door refrigerators in 2022. Our list has a model for everyone, ranging from the budget-friendly LG LFCS22520S to the best splurge-worthy GE Profile Smart 4-Door Refrigerator. Consider your requirements, budget, and kitchen space before you make your decision, and we promise you won’t be disappointed!