What Are the Effects of Excessive Candy Consumption?

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Are you a fan of candy? If so, then there’s a piece of bad news for you. Candy has exceptionally adverse side effects on your health. You must be wondering what a small thing like candy could do to your body? Well, you might not notice the difference immediately, but in some time, it starts harming your health and become the root cause of many chronic diseases.

The primary ingredient required to make candy is sugar. This sugar can be in the form of corn syrup, molasses, honey, sugar cane, maple sugar, or beet sugars. Some sugars are not as bad as others but harm pre-diabetic people. In this post, we will look into the effects of candy consumption on our bodies.

Effects of Candy Consumption


As we know, candy is flavored with sugar and ingredients that are rich in calories; eating excessive candies will lead you to obesity. It is the condition where you gain weight to the extent that it becomes unhealthy, pushing you into a stream of diseases related to being overweight. Each small candy you consume is high in calories, and it is impossible to burn the calories if you regularly eat a bunch of it.


Whenever we eat something sugary, our pancreas produces insulin that helps in breaking the sugar into glucose. However, if we overeat sugar, it will lead to type 2 diabetes, in which insulin resistance will develop in the body, and ultimately the insulin will not be able to break down the sugar causing the sugar levels to increase.

Dental Decay

The worse effect, which is both painful and looks terrible, too, is tooth decay. The perfect smile can be ruined in a small matter of time. Sugar activates bacteria in your saliva to break down the sugar molecules; however, the bacteria not only does that but also erodes the enamel that protects the teeth. The more candy you consume, the more bacteria will be produced, hence cavities leading to sensitivity and bleeding gums.

effects of sugar consumption

Decreasing Number Of Nutrients

When you fill yourself with unhealthy carbs, where will you keep the nutrients in the body? According to the data on USDA, a packet of M&M almond chocolate candy contains 61 g of carbohydrates per 100 g. Our body needs nutrients like vitamins A, B, C, K, and D, plus elements like calcium, potassium, and iron, which can ensure that we are healthy. By taking sugar, we utilize more of it to convert sugar into glucose and release energy.

Makes You Prone To A Heart Attack

A high intake of candies can put you at risk for a heart attack. As said before, sugar levels increase due to sweets; it can also increase blood pressure making you hypertensive and other diseases that can clog your arteries with fat and increase the bad cholesterol in the body. This can put you at risk of a stroke.

Leads To Depression

Eating candies in excess can tamper with the neurotransmitters; one of the signs of depression is the sugar rush you feel. Sugar is addictive, and once you try to reduce your consumption, you will feel depressed and have a sudden urge for it. The candies are like termites eating and decomposing every part of your body.

Wrapping It Up

There are many alternatives to artificial sugar, which is in candies. Some high-quality brands are using such options that are natural sweeteners and less harmful to the body. You can consider them as an option on your candy list.

However, we suggest you should not eat candies in excess for the reasons mentioned above; you will put your perfectly healthy body in grave danger. Also, keep them away from children and only give them a little of it sometimes, so they don’t get addicted.