Vacmaster VP210 vs VP215 Comparison

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Vacmaster VP210 vs VP215 which chamber sealer should you choose ?

Sealing your left overs be it sauces, gravies, your favorite dishes or even food that you have bought in bulk is a sure fire method to preserve them for considerably longer than normal.

Using a vacuum sealer can save you quite a significant amount of money every year if you are conscious of not wasting food.​

With certain food stuffs you can extend the preservation time by up to 5 times the normal freezing life span.

Vacmaster are synonomus ​with chamber vacuum sealers for home and professional use. The two most popular models in their range are the VP210 and the VP215.

Both machines are fairly similar, however there are a few subtle differences you should be aware of before you purchase.

Lets take a look at both models individually first and then have a comparison at the end.​

Vacmaster VP210

VacMaster VP210

The Vacmaste VP210 is a double cylinder piston pump chamber vacuum sealer.

A chamber vacuum sealer works a little differently to a regular sealer you may be familiar with. 

The bag with the food or liquid is placed in the chamber with the open end of the bag lying across the sealing bar. 

Air is pumped out of the chamber reducing the pressure. This pressure drop sucks all of the air out of the bag but not the contents. The bag is then sealed by the sealing bar.

The added advantage of this method is that only the air is sucked from the bag and not its contents.

With a regular sealer you may have some of the contents sucked out of the bag. If this happens the seal may be made across some of the plastic that has some of the food on it, leading to a worse seal.

The VP210 is capable of sealing bags up to 10 x 13 inches. This means you can probably fit about 45 ounces of food/liquid in to any one bag.


  • 4.2 Amp two cylinder piston pump
  • Takes bags up to 10 x 13 inches
  • Mason jars up to 7 inhces
  •  Double seal wire
  • 1 year limited warranty

Vacmaster VP215

With the VP215 you have a near identical machine to the VP210 in terms of performance and the size that it may take up on your counter top.

The major difference is in the pump used to create the vacuum in the chamber.​

The pump in the VP215is a rotary oil pump. It runs considerably quieter than the air cylinder pump on the VP210​.

There is however one major ​drawback to this pump. Depending on how heavy a user you are it may need to have the oil changed twice a year. This is clearly a major time hassle to have to deal with. 

  • 4 Amp motor 
  • Rotary oil pump
  • Handles bags 10 x 13 inches
  • Mason jars up to 7 inhces
  • 1 year limited warranty

Vacmaster VP210 vs VP215

What is the difference between Vacmaster VP210 and VP215 ?​

Ultimately both machines will perform equally. The major differences between the two machines will be the pump and how much the maintenance may become a hassle.

The VP215 is a lot quieter than the VP210 but as stated that comes at a maintenance cost.​

Vacmaster VP210 vs VP215 which one should you get?

As discussed above the VP21​5 needs an oil change almost twice a year depending on just how heavy a user you are.

The will certainly add to the cost of the running if the sealer never mind the inconveniencence of having to get the work carried out.​

For us the VP210 is the clear choice. It requires next to no maintenance when compared to the VP215. ​

You can also purchase the correct bags called "chamber pouches"to be used with the Vacmaster for optimal sealing ​in various sizes on Amazon.

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