Top Tips for Preparing Pancake Batter with an Immersion Blender

Top Seven Uses of an Immersion Blender

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An immersion blender is a fantastic tool that you need in your life. Whether you need to mix some salad dressing, prepare pancake batter, or simply beat some eggs for breakfast, your kitchen is incomplete without a handy immersion blender.

Its lightweight body is designed to be super handy and to add convenience to its user’s life. People of all ages can easily use an immersion blender to prepare their everyday meals with great ease. Moreover, young children and physically disabled people who cannot whisk for too long can benefit greatly from owning an immersion blender.

Continue reading below to learn about seven ways to use an immersion blender.

Top Seven Uses of an Immersion Blender

Blending Pancake Batter

To end a busy week on a happy and positive note, you absolutely need to have pancakes for breakfast. A simple pancake breakfast has the power to lift your mood and raise your spirits for the upcoming busy routine of the next week.

An immersion blender is a super handy tool that will help you blend your pancake batter with greater ease. You no longer need to use a manual whisk to mix the ingredients together physically; instead, the immersion blender will do a fantastic job for you.

Beating Eggs for an Omelet

To start the day with energy, you need a good nutritious breakfast. Adding eggs to your early morning meal will provide you with an excellent dose of protein to power you for the day’s tasks.

To make the process of cooking an omelet even easier, you need an immersion blender. Simply crack two eggs into a bowl and use the immersion blender to beat the eggs in less than seven seconds. The eggs would be fluffy and wonderfully aerated to make the best omelet of your life.  

Making Fruity Smoothies and Milkshakes

A good fruity smoothie or a milkshake can instantly transform your mood and uplift your energy. As a matter of fact, a smoothie that contains spinach, kale, nuts, and fruits is nutritious enough to replace the need for a meal.

If your current blender is not doing a good job at adequately crushing the ice and is leaving behind sugar lumps, you need to invest in an immersion blender. An immersion blender’s strong blades and high-powder speed will fully blend each and every ingredient into one another in less than twenty seconds.

Blending Butter for Sugar Cookies

Top Tips for Preparing Sugar Cookies with an Immersion Blender

Sugar cookies are an absolute must for the Christmas holiday festivities. Spending a day baking homemade fresh sugar cookies is an excellent way to bond with your children, friends, or partner.

One key step that could break or make your sugar cookies is the butter blending process. If you use a hand mixer, chances are you might have to spend twenty minutes whisking the butter till it turns fluffy and creamy. Who has that kind of time or arm strength?

Instead, use an immersion blender as it would take only a minute or two to get the exact butter consistency that you need for perfect butter cookies.

Making Hummus

Humus is an excellent creamy dip that is rich in plant protein and is ideal for losing weight. People across the globe love hummus for its thick creamy consistency, rick earthy taste, and nutritious value.

Making hummus is not easy if you plan on using a hand mixer. The chickpeas will take forever to blend, and the hummus you make will end up being lumpy and grainy. As a matter of fact, even many electrical blenders also cannot make a smooth, creamy hummus.

To make hummus that is silky smooth, creamy, and has the right consistency and thickness, you need an immersion blender. The strong, sharp blades and the powerful spin would prepare your hummus in less than two to three minutes. The hummus will have absolutely no lumps and will be a fantastic yummy addition to all your meals.

Making Tomato Puree

You can use homemade tomato puree in a number of different dishes. Whether you want to make pasta, pizza sauce, a rich curry, tomato sauce, or tomato soup, you need smooth, thick, and creamy tomato puree.

You can spend hours waiting for the tomatoes to boil on a high flame, or you could use a handy immersion blender to complete the process in a much shorter time. Simply put the tomatoes and water in a pot on a high flame, and use an immersion blender to speed up the blending process.  

Making Plant-based Milk Forms

Whether you wish to switch to a plant-based lifestyle or simply love the rich nutty flavor, chances are you cannot have enough plant-based milk. However, bottles of almond or oat milk are not as abundantly available as regular milk and are actually much more expensive.

However, if you have an immersion blender, you do not need to buy bottled plant-based milk. Simply add some soaked almonds or oats to a bowl, pour some filtered water, and use the immersion blender to blend the ingredients together in just a few minutes.

Simply strain the mixture through a mesh or a cheese cloth and enjoy your fresh homemade plant-based milk!