Rechargeable Mini Blender

Top Five Travel-Friendly Rechargeable Portable Mini Blenders

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Blenders can solve more problems than we can imagine. When you head out on a road trip, you can carry a portable blender to have a quick smoothie or fresh juice on your way. You can make your customized shake without worrying if you follow a specific diet plan. Unlike traditional heavy-duty blenders, rechargeable portable mini blenders are easy to carry and use. The compact size can fit your hand-carry bags. You may also place it in the storage compartment of your car.

A rechargeable portable blender can suit you well if you are a frequent traveler. You can choose from the many blenders available on the market. Let’s look at five of the best portable blenders you can buy.

Best Portable Mini Blenders to Buy

1. Cuisinart EvolutionX

The Cuisinart EvolutionX is a perfect mini portable blender. This cordless machine has a powerful battery suitable for fruit juices and shakes alike. If you want to add some ice to it, you do not need to hesitate. This mini blender has a high power output to crush and blend solid ice rocks, frozen fruits, etc.

The overall design of the blender is quite appealing. You can find a glass lid on the top with a 16-ounce cup at the bottom. Despite the power output potential, the Cuisinart EvolutionX mini blender can last from a few days to weeks, depending on your usage.

To use the blender, you need to add the food items to the cup and cover the lid. Once done, you can press the motor button to blend the mix as long as needed. Moreover, the mini blender is easy to clean and store.

2. Nutribullet GO

Are you looking for a super lightweight, portable blender? Nutribullet GO can meet your expectations. This blender weighs only 1.5 pounds. Nutribullet GO is highly suitable for on-the-go use. Whether traveling for hours or rushing to work in the morning, this blender can come to your rescue.

From shakes to smoothies, you can make anything with this powerful blender. It comes with a double-compartment design allowing you to carry your blended mix separate from unblended ingredients.

You need to attach the blender with its base and switch it on to operate it. It provides a 30-second blending operation in one go. You do not have to watch it as it automatically switches off.

3. Nutri Ninja

Another popular rechargeable portable mini blender on the list is Nutri Ninja. This blender comes with a 700 watts power capacity to blend easy and challenging ingredients. What makes this mini blender popular is its easy cleaning. The dishwasher safety lets you easily wash its cups, blades, and lids.

Nutri Ninja is suitable mainly for making shakes, smoothies, and fresh fruit juices. To get your desired blended mix, you can pour in the ingredients, close the lid, and turn the button on. Moreover, the blender parts are easy to detach and store while traveling.

Unlike other portable blenders, the Nutri Ninja mini blender misses out on the pulse feature. You may need to shake the container or (sometimes) take it off to move the stuck ingredients.

4. BlendJet 2

As the name suggests, the BlendJet 2 is a powerful blending jet in a compact size. You can blend more than just fruits in it. The powerful machine can crush fruits, vegetables, and more ingredients to make a mix of your choice. You can also buy a recipe book with BlendJet 2 to get the best use of your rechargeable blender.

Whether you want to make a smoothie, a frozen shake, or make dips for your meals, you can do it all. Due to its portable size and cordless operation, you may need to blend longer for tougher ingredients. However, it can effectively meet your travel blender needs.

The BlendJet 2 blender is easy to clean. While this may be correct, you may need to pour the blended mix into a separate container due to its fixed blade. Moreover, there is a pulse-button feature to ease the blending process.

5. BlenderX

BlenderX is a portable powerhouse blender suitable for normal and tough grinding use. The high power output makes it an excellent choice for tough operations like crushing ice, frozen fruits, and vegetables. You can charge it for a couple of hours and use it while traveling. Once plugged in, you can see a glowing light visible on the button.

If you need a rechargeable portable mini blender that is easy to charge and delivers great blending results, BlenderX will not disappoint you. You can use it to make shakes, juices, customized mixes, and protein shakes.

However, if you want to carry a super lightweight blender with you on the go, BlenderX may slightly disappoint you. The weight of the base is 4.62 pounds. You may not be able to carry it in your handbag. While this may be true, its compact size can fit your car’s storage compartment.

Summing Up

The portable mini blenders mentioned above can serve you well while traveling. It is worth noting that each blender may have its pros and cons. You may check the product details before buying it online. If you need portable blenders with a plug-in power option, you can choose from the many mini blenders available on Amazon and other online shops.