Organize food in your double-door refrigerator

Top Five Tips for Keeping Your Double Door Refrigerator Organized!

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Owning a double-door refrigerator is nothing less than a modern-day luxury. Commonly seen used by high-profile celebrities and social media influencers, the market for double-door refrigerators is currently on the rise worldwide.

Although nearly every consumer obsessed with upgrading their kitchen aesthetics or has a larger family to feed wants to get their hands on one of these modern double door refrigerators, keeping these refrigerators organized is not always easy for everyone.

Due to their massive size, it is tough to keep things neat and organized in the fridge. Moreover, since you can store a large number of food items in these double-door refrigerators at the same time, users often find it difficult to separate the freshly stocked food from the expired food items.

Want to know how to keep your double-door refrigerators organized?

Worry no more and continue reading this article as we bring you five excellent tips that will help you avoid clutter, keep fresh food separate from old food, and keep your fridge looking exactly the way you have seen in all the different fridge commercials.

Let’s get started!

Top Five Tips to Keep Your Double Door Refrigerator Organized

Keeping a double-door refrigerator organized

Purchase Different Sized Container Boxes

The first step to make sure all your different food items in your double-door refrigerator are organized is to invest in different kinds and sizes of food storage containers.

Doing so will allow you to separate all the food items into different categories and divide the categories into different refrigerator sections.

Eventually, when you have to access a certain kind of food, for instance, chocolates, you can simply pull out the container labeled snacks instead of digging through the entire fridge just for a piece of candy.

For starters, the type of storage containers you will need are as follows:

  • Egg trays, which can at the very least accommodate up to 12 to 18 eggs
  • A large storage bin to store all the green vegetables, such as lettuce, spinach, kale, celery, asparagus, etc.
  • Rectangular storage bins to keep all the dairy items, such as milk cartons, cheese, yogurt cups, etc.
  • Soda can and bottled beverage organizers to make sure all the beverages are in one section
  • Several smaller airtight containers to store fruits that can easily go bad, such as strawberries, blueberries, etc.
  • A container to store all the candy
  • A rotating bin to keep all the different sauces that need to be refrigerated
  • Container dividers to fix in between larger container bins to keep the different food items separate

Make Sure the Container Boxes are Transparent

Although this tip is not an absolute necessity, it will help you greatly when it comes to keeping your double-door refrigerator organized.

The transparent or clear container boxes will allow you to identify which food item is in which box or section without having to go through the trouble of checking every container. This will save you a lot of time and keep the food items well organized while keeping your fridge looking aesthetically pleasing.

Separate Different Food Categories into Different Compartments

Once you have stored all the food items in their respective containers, decide where each container should be in the double-door refrigerator.

Although it may not seem like a big deal, many people do not know that the fridge is designed to have food stored in a certain way.

The bottom area of the fridge has the temperature that allows fruits and vegetables to retain their freshness and crunch for longer periods, whereas the top section ensures that meat does not release liquid and does not go bad too soon.

Hence, arrange all the storage containers according to where they belong in the fridge and refrain from changing the setting too often.

Store Fruits and Vegetables in Chopped Form

If you start storing the fruits and vegetables with their stems and leaves still attached, you will be wasting a lot of storage space. Hence, store the different fruits and vegetables in chopped form for better organization and space optimization.

For instance, remove the green leafy head of all the strawberries, wash them thoroughly, and have them stored in separate airtight containers. Similarly, to free up some storage space, cut all the carrots and celery into smaller pieces, wash them, and store them in separate transparent containers instead of throwing whole carrots and long shoots of celery in a container bin.  

Always Keep the Food Items Close to their Expiry Date in Front of Freshly Purchased Items

Whenever you buy fresh groceries, remember to store them behind or under previously-stored food items. This will allow you to consume the food that is close to going bad, and you can leave the fresher food for later.

As a result of doing this, your double door refrigerator will be far more organized and you will also prevent food wastage.