Immersion blender can be used to make different recipes

Top 5 Immersion Blender Recipes

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Have you recently purchased an immersion blender and are searching for ways to use it? The hand-held immersion blender can be used for various unique recipes, ranging from soups, and sauces to milkshakes, smoothies, and even whipped cream!

Immersion blenders are versatile devices that offer great value for money to customers. In this article, we’ve listed the five best immersion blender recipes that you definitely need to try.

Best Immersion Blender Recipes

Soups are the first thing that comes to mind when talking about immersion blenders, but they also make it easy to cook many other types of food. Think of them as portable versions of your traditional countertop blenders, capable of performing a wide range of functions.

1. Creamy Soups

First, let’s learn the most basic use of immersion blenders – making ultra-smooth soups. The strong blades on the device can easily blend hard and chunky vegetables. You don’t even need to waste extra containers like blender jars or transfer hot food from the cooking pot as an immersion blender can be used directly on the container used for cooking.

Additionally, the steam from hot soups can blow the lid off blender jars in traditional blenders. Similarly, they’re also not able to handle large volumes of soups. However, you won’t experience these issues with an immersion blender.

You can use one to make the delicious cream of tomato soup in 15 to 20 minutes! Plus, you’re only going to need 8 ingredients!


Add 2 diced carrots and a red onion into an oil-coated saucepan, and sauté until they become translucent. Then, add three cloves of finely chopped garlic to the pan and cook for an additional 1 minute to release the garlic’s aroma.

After adding the garlic, proceed to add diced ripe tomatoes, basil leaves, and chicken stock to the pan. Slowly stir the contents to allow for optimal mixing. At this point, you can add salt and pepper as per your taste.

Simmer the mixture for 15 minutes, and finally, use your immersion blender to puree the contents until you reach a perfect golden-brown color. Enjoy your cream of tomato soup with a piece of garlic bread!

2. Salad Dressings

Salad dressings like the iconic salsa verde are Taco Tuesday essentials. Actually, they’re the perfect combination for several snacks, including burritos, quesadillas, and even empanadas. An immersion blender can be used at slow speeds to make the salsa verde in no more than 10 minutes! Here’s how you can use one to make your snack time exciting!


You need 7 ingredients to make the salsa verde. First, remove the husks from your tomatillos and rinse them off. Use a 2:1 tomatillo to jalapeno ratio for this recipe or as per your taste. You can always tweak the recipe if you like sauces with a spicy kick. Cut the jalapenos into halves and dice the tomatillos into quarters. Place them on a baking tray with unpeeled garlic cloves and two poblano chilies. Broil the contents in an oven until the exterior is charred.

Add everything to a jar or large bowl, including cilantro, lime juice, and a pinch of salt to taste, and use your immersion blender to make a smooth sauce. That’s how you make a salsa verde in 10 minutes!  

3. Smoothies and Milkshakes

Making a smoothie

Some of the best immersion blender recipes are about making smoothies and milkshakes. The blades on the immersion blender can be used to easily handle fibrous fruits and greens to create smooth and delicious smoothies.

There’s no strict recipe for making smoothies and milkshakes. You can throw in any fruits you like in the smoothie jar or glass and use the blender directly in the container. Throw two diced bananas, some raspberries, a dollop of peanut butter, some frozen yogurt, and ice in your smoothie jar. The immersion blender can be used in the jar to produce a smooth and velvety banana and berry smoothie!

4. Mayonnaise and Sauces

Like salad dressings, the immersion blender can be used to make plenty of emulsified sauces like mayonnaise. Traditionally made using a whisk, you can also use the whisk attachment of your immersion blender for quicker results.

People sometimes use countertop blenders or food processors to make mayonnaise. While it is possible, these machines do not work well with small batches as the ingredients barely come into contact with the blades and splat against the container walls.

Consequently, mayonnaise is one of the best immersion blender recipes to follow if you want perfect emulsification and work with a small volume.


Crack one whole egg in a blending cup, and add a tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Then add a teaspoon of honey or Dijon mustard to the mix and pour extra-virgin olive oil. Add salt and allow the oil to settle for a few seconds. Finally, use the immersion blender to emulsify the oil, making a smooth mixture. Season the emulsion with some salt, and you have your mayonnaise!

5. Whipped Cream

Why can’t you have whipped cream by blending cream in a traditional blender? Because you can’t incorporate air into the cream that way. However, an immersion blender can be used as an alternative to standard whisks and blenders.

As discussed before, immersion blenders also include various attachments for whisking and chopping tasks. The whisk attachment can easily be used to make whipped cream in record time!


Of course, you will need heavy cream if you want to make whipped cream. However, vegans can opt for almond or coconut milk as both types can be used for this recipe. The fat content of the heavy cream helps produce the sweet and billowy clouds of whipped cream.

Add two cups of heavy cream, or depending on the number of servings you want, in a standard bowl. You can add maple syrup or powdered sugar as sweeteners. You can add as much or little as you want, but we recommend 2-3 tablespoons for every two cups of cream. Then, add a teaspoon of vanilla extract or 2 teaspoons of vanilla essence, whatever’s available, and use an immersion blender to whisk the mixture. Remember to use slow speeds to adequately aerate the mixture to produce velvety and cloudy whipped cream. It’s that easy! You can also use fruits to flavor it according to your taste or simply spread it on a slice of bread and dress it with an assortment of your favorite berries!

That’s about it, folks! We hope you like reading about our list of best immersion blender recipes. The tool is really convenient and can be used for following a plethora of diverse recipes. We recommend trying the easy-to-follow whipped cream recipe for a fun and delicious breakfast! Let us know about your cooking experience in the comments down below!