Top 5 Coffee Pod Flavors You Need to Try

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Since their commercial introduction, coffee pods have taken the consumer market by storm. People love them for their convenient usage, long shelf lives, and most importantly, their wide variety of flavors.

Today, hundreds of different brands offer numerous coffee pod flavors that can satisfy varying consumer tastes. However, five certain coffee pod flavors have topped the list for many years (at least in our opinion). A majority of coffee enthusiasts love these flavors and they are always high in demand.  

Continue reading below to learn about the top five coffee pod flavors you need to try.

Top Five Coffee Pod Flavors You Need to Try!

1. Starbucks Breakfast Blend Medium Roast

 Coffee pod brands you need to try

Starbucks has been a consumer-favorite coffee brand for decades. With over 30,000 stores across the globe, Starbucks is the household name for delicious premium coffee.

Starbucks has multiple different pod coffee flavors for all kinds of consumers. Its Breakfast Blend Medium Roast uses rich, 100% Arabian beans to create a perfectly balanced, exotic coffee flavor. This pod coffee flavor is perfect for you if you’re looking to start your day with a great mood and energy.

The best thing about this particular coffee pod is that it contains zero calories and cholesterol despite its delicious flavor. Moreover, their compact design makes them perfect for nearly all pod machines.

2. SF Bay Coffee French Vanilla

This particular coffee pod flavor boasts a delicious medium-light roast that can instantly brighten up anyone’s day. The French Vanilla blend has a balanced flavor with strong notes of almond, sweet vanilla, and cocoa.

This coffee pod flavor is loved for its delicious aroma and taste and is extremely popular among coffee enthusiasts. Moreover, SF Bay Coffee addresses the environmental waste issue and uses plant-based materials to manufacture all their coffee pod packaging.  

3. Newman’s Own Organic Special Decaf

The Newman’s Own Organic Special Decaf is a solid medium roast blend. This coffee pod flavor is made with gentle coffee flavors, controlled bitterness, and added sweetness. As a result, consumers find this coffee very drinkable and love its soft, delightful taste.  

4. The Original Donut Shop Medium Roast Coffee

The Original Donut Shop has been a consumer favorite for its wide variety of coffee pod flavors. The Medium Roast flavor is loved for the nutty and chocolaty delightful flavor that makes you want to drink it repeatedly. This coffee pod has just the right amount of sweetness that hits all the right notes and can be consumed every day.

Consumers can buy separate pods or buy bulk packs of pods containing 12 to 100 pieces.

5. Starbucks Plus ‘Madagascar Vanilla’ Coffee Pod

The Starbucks Plus Madagascar Vanilla K Cup Pod is quite popular among coffee enthusiasts, and for good reason. Its deliciously strong coffee and vanilla flavor are balanced to perfection. The pod uses 100% real Arabian beans and is ideal for your everyday morning coffee.

Final Thoughts

A perfect cup of coffee can help you start your day with a fantastic mood and high energy. Brands like Starbucks, the Original Donut Shop, SF Bay, and Newman’s have created delicious coffee pod flavors that will give you a boost of energy while pampering your taste buds.