cornstarch slurry

Cornstarch Slurry – How to Thicken a Sauce

As bad as the name sounds a cornstarch slurry is one of the most effective ways to thicken a sauce or pie filling. Made from simply cornstarch and water it has several advantages over other …

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cornmeal vs cornstarch vs corn flour

Cornmeal vs Cornstarch vs Corn Flour

Confused about the difference between cornmeal vs cornstarch vs corn flour? Is cornstarch the same as corn flour? Well you’re not alone! They are all derived from corn and unfortunately depending on where you are …

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what is cornflour

What is Cornflour?

What is Cornflour and what can you use it for? Not to be confused with cornstarch, in the UK and several other countries, cornflour is interchangeable with cornstarch so you need be extra careful where …

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what is gruyere cheese

What is Gruyère Cheese?

What is Gruyère Cheese and where does it come from? Gruyère is a type of Swiss cheese that is named after the town from which it originates, Gruyères in Switzerland. Like a lot of Swiss …

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cornmeal substitute

Cornmeal Substitute – What can you use?

Looking for a good cornmeal substitute? What you should choose as a substitute for cornmeal may depend on a number of different factors. Cornmeal is generally used for either it’s flavor or depending on how …

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Sweet Tea Cocktails

Today I am sharing my favorite sweet tea cocktails with you.  Both are made with Firefly Sweet Tea vodka.  There are several sweet tea vodkas on the market, but this one is by far my favorite. …

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