Nespresso Pixie vs Citiz Comparison

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Nespresso Pixie vs Citiz how do you choose between these two coffee makers?

If you are looking for a Nespresso coffee maker that won't break the bank then both the Pixie and Citiz ​are a pretty good choice.

Both these Nespresso brewers are part of what is called the originalLine. The originalLine uses Nespresso originalLine capsules.

Other models in the line up like the Inissia or Pixie continue to use the originalLine based coffee pods. 

Nespresso has released a newer pod system called the Vertuoline. Two of the more popular brewers from the Vertuoline are the ​Evoulo and Vertuoline which are similarly priced to the Citiz and Pixie.

Nespresso Pixie

​The Nespresso Pixie can brew both espresso and lungo style coffees. It is a single serve brewer.

The Pixie has a 24 ounce reservoir and operates at a pressure of 19 bar. It can hold 11 used capsules in the used capsule tray.

It comes with an automatic cut off features so you can rest assured that cannot be left on accidentally for an extended time period.​

The adjustable drip tray can accommodate varying cup sizes so is suitable for both espresso cups and larger mugs that may hold an americano style coffee.​

The Pixie is a newer version of the Inissia brewer from Nespresso. It is a face lift model so shares all of the basic features as the Inissia. The only exception is the inclusion of a low water warning light.


  • 24 ounce reservoir
  • Makes both Lungo and Espresso
  • 30 second preheat
  • 19 bar pressure
  • Warning light for empty reservoir

Nespresso Citiz

With quite the retro look the Nespresso Citiz is going to pretty good siting on your counter top especially in a kitchen with very stylish lines.

The Citiz is ​available with or without an integrated milk frother(the model here has the frother) so if you enjoy any milk based coffee's like a latte the it is an ideal choice.

​It is actually the cheapest model available with a milk frother from Nespresso. The milk frother is usually referred to as the Aeroccino and can be purchased separately if you do buy just the brewer on its own.

​Like the majority of the lower end Nespresso brewers it can brew two different strengths of coffee; espresso and lungo.

You can expect the Citiz to have you favorite caffeine hit ready in about 30 seconds, which is pretty standard for the smaller Nespresso machines.

With a 34 ounce water tank the Citiz certainly will get more brews done from one tank than the Pixie above.​

  • 34 ounce reservoir
  • Espresso and Lungo
  • 19 bar pressure
  • 25 second preheat time
  • Auto-shutoff 

Nespresso Pixie vs Citiz

What is the difference between the Nespresso Pixie and Citiz ?​

The main difference between each the Citiz and Pixie is the larger reservoir of the Citiz​ and the oprional milk frother. The reservoir on the Citiz is a full 10 ounces larger than on the Pixie.

Secondly, the Citiz is by far and away a better looking machine and is a lot more stylish than the more dated looking Pixie.​

Nespresso Pixie vs Citiz which should you buy ?

Give that the Citiz has the larger water reservoir and has the added bonus of having a milk frother the Citiz is the one to get.

However if you are looking for a no frills espresso maker for quite and affordable price then the Pixie is a pretty descent choice.​

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