Most Popular Glass Containers

Most Popular Glass Containers for Kitchen Usage You Need to Buy

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Storage containers are one of the most important needs of any kitchen. Whether you opt for plastic jars or glass ones, you can use them to store different food items safely. While plastic containers are not environmentally sustainable, glass jars have become more popular recently. If you want to buy food jars, we have a list of the most popular glass containers you can buy for your kitchen.

Why Choose Glass Containers?

Glass containers are eco-friendly storage jars. They are sustainable under different temperatures and environments. If you store food in glass jars, it is less likely to lose its flavor over time. On the other hand, opting for plastic containers can expose you to several health risks.

Plastic jars can undergo chemical reactions due to temperature changes. They can affect the taste and chemical properties of your stored food. Moreover, plastics are hard to decompose into the environment.

Best Glass Containers to Buy for Kitchen Usage

We have picked some of the best-selling glass containers for you to buy. Let’s look at the details of each below.

Glasslock Oven-Safe Containers

If you need a container set that serves multiple purposes, the Glasslock 18-piece set may fit your demands well. These storage boxes provide ample space to store different food items. You can get eighteen containers of unique sizes. All the boxes are leakproof and environmentally sustainable. You may find Glasslock containers in rectangular and round shapes.

The Glasslock container set is BPA-free, making it safe for microwaving. If we talk about the lids, they are super easy to open and close. You do not have to worry about leakages if you want to store liquids like oils, syrups, and milk.

For your ease, here are the pros and cons of buying Glasslock oven-safe containers.


  • Safe to use in oven, microwave, and dishwasher.
  • BPA-free
  • Elegant design


  • Heavyweight
  • Too tight lids (when new)

Prep Naturals Containers

Following a diet plan, the Prep Naturals storage containers can be a good fit. These glass boxes have two compartments to store separate portions of food. The partition allows you to store two different meals in the same box. Typically, each Prep Naturals container has a large and a small storage portion.

The Prep Naturals boxes are great for microwave, freezer, oven, and dishwasher usage. There is a small vent on each box to release the steam of a hot cooked meal. Moreover, the lids are easy to mount and remove without leakage.

Here are the pros and cons of Prep Naturals food containers.


  • Borosilicate glass body
  • Partition boxes
  • Steam vents for quick cooling
  • Leakproof lids


  • Unsealed container partition
  • Lids are unsafe for microwaving and freezing

Anchor Hocking TrueSeal Containers

If you are looking for an affordable glass container set, Anchor Hocking TrueSeal containers will not disappoint you. You can find multiple container options, including the popular 10-piece round boxes. These food storage boxes are BPA-free with a tight seal to prevent leakages. You can microwave them, wash them, and store them in your freezer.

If we talk about the lids, you can find rubber tops to keep your food air-free. While the rubber tops provide perfect concealment, you may face difficulty putting them on and off the containers. You may also need to remove the lids before microwaving your stored food.

Before buying the Anchor Hocking glass containers, look at their pros and cons below.


  • Multiple Sizes
  • BPA-free containers
  • Leakproof storage


  • Hard to put on the lids
  • Lids are not microwave-friendly

Razab HomeGoods Glass Containers

If you plan to head out on a road trip, Razab HomeGoods food containers can be your go-to food storage. These glass containers offer plenty of storage space to stock fruits, vegetables, and make-ahead meals. The glass of the container is highly durable. If we speak about spilling, the food containers are leakproof. You can store liquid foods, including syrups and nectars, safely.  

The Razab HomeGoods containers include a 74-ounce large container, a 40-ounce smaller one, and an easy-to-carry 27-ounce food container. The boxes are safe for microwave use and cold storage.

To help you decide, here are the pros and cons of Razab HomeGoods glass containers.


  • Highly durable glass
  • Airtight lids
  • Microwave, oven, and dishwasher friendly
  • Leakproof


  • Difficult to tight the lids
  • Heavyweight

Pyrex Glass Containers

Pyrex is one of the best glass containers to buy. You can get multiple food boxes with lids to store your leftovers. These containers are perfect for storing salads, fruit slices, and leftover food. Made from tempered glass, the Pyrex glass containers are safe to use in microwaves, freezers, and dishwashers.

You can find plastic lids with the Pyrex storage containers. Although you can leave them on while microwaving your food, they can injure your health. While this may be true, glass containers are safe for hot and cold temperatures.

For a better understanding, here are the pros and cons of Pyrex food storage boxes.


  • Stain-resistant boxes
  • Durable tempered glass
  • Safe for dishwashing, freezing, and microwaving


  • Plastic lids are not safe for microwave use
  • Containers can get too hot

Summing Up

The most popular glass containers mentioned above can make your food storage experience worthwhile. You can check out the available sizes for each brand online. If you want to explore other food storage container brands, you may look up some of the popular online stores.