Low Carb Rice Substitute

Low Carb Rice Substitute

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If you are trying to shed a few pounds and have decided to give low carb a try then you might be wondering:

What can I use as a low carb rice substitute ?

Although it is very difficult to find another grain to replace rice there are a number of suitable alternatives available, and some are even quite tasty!

Low Carb Rice Substitute

The best low carb rice substitute choices are :

  • Cauliflower rice​
  • Pumpkin mash
  • Zucchini noodles
  • Green bean fries

Rice is a staple food for many people around the globe. It’s relatively inexpensive, allowing for it to serve as sustenance for people in poor areas.

Aside from this, rice is also just a very delicious and versatile food. It can be enjoyed as a standalone meal and also is used to great effect in accentuating other dishes.

If you’re used to having rice as a side dish, it can be difficult to pull away from making use of it. Many people are turning away from eating rice regularly due to it having a high amount of carbohydrates.

Modern experts in nutrition suggest limiting the number of carbs you intake on a daily basis. This has led to the creation of many diets that completely avoid carbs completely.

Whether you’re on a low-carbohydrate diet or a no-carbohydrate diet, you’re going to need to find a substitute for rice in order to have success. And if you are still asking how much rice you can eat on a low carb diet, then you’ll want to read this article about whether rice is keto-friendly.

It’s tough to think of ingredients you can use to replace such a food but there are options out there. It might be necessary to think outside the box a little to find a rice substitute for your diet.

Rice Substitute Options

There really isn’t anything else out there that can completely replicate the taste of rice. You’re not going to be able to find an option that won’t take some getting used to.

For the most part, you need to try to find new side dishes to use instead of rice rather than focusing on finding something that tastes similar to it. You can eat dishes that do the same things for you that rice does, such as filling you up, and you’ll find that many of these new dishes will become favorites in no time.

Cauliflower Rice

One very popular method to replace rice is to try to make cauliflower rice. This is very delicious and comes the closest to replicating the rice experience. It’s very healthy for you and can be incredibly filling as well.

You don’t have to feel guilty about eating a significant amount of cauliflower rice so it makes for a great tool when seeking weight loss success.

Pumpkin Mash

This is a superb side dish that can provide that same level of fillingness and satisfaction that rice usually gives you. It’s more of a substitute for traditional mashed potatoes but when it comes to balancing a meal, rice and potatoes serve the same function. Add a little bit of Parmesan and thyme to your pumpkin mash for maximum flavor.

Zucchini Noodles

Many people swear that zucchini noodles have been their secret weapon for finding success on a diet. It’s a delicious way to have a satisfying side dish that can help you fill up.

You won’t be loading up on carbs or putting too many calories into your body, either. Make use of side dishes such as this as often as possible so that you can keep away from the temptation of going back to carbohydrate-loaded meals.

Green Bean Fries

If you enjoy tasty treats such as French fries, then this will be an especially appealing option for you. You can make green bean fries that taste very similar to regular fries.

Just the same as the rice you used to have as a staple, it can be a solid option for filling yourself up. This is a popular dish for all ages and you can feel confident that you’ll be feeding yourself something that’s good for your body overall.