Kitchenaid Artisan vs Professional Mixer Reviews

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Kitchenaid Artisan vs Professional which of these stand mixers is right for your kitchen ?

​If you are in a hurry then our top choice is the Kitchenaid Artisan. It is suitable for the majority of home cooks out there and is easily the most popular small stand mixer available.

Our Top Pick

     Kitchenaid Artisan

  • Suitable for most home cooks needs
  • Premium quality at a great price
  • Small size does not take up too much space

Make no doubt about it choosing a quality stand mixer is one of the best investments you can make in your kitchen and most importantly in your cooking.

A stand mixer takes all of the hard work out kneading and mixing and is a real time saver too.

Whilst your dough is in the mixer you can get on with other important tasks helping you to get the best use of your time in the kitchen​.

Stand mixers can be generally split into two different types: tilt-head and bowl-lift.

  • Tilt-head: Usually smaller and less powerful. The lighter weight makes it easier for the head to pivot on the hinges.
  • Bowl-lift: Bowl-lift mixers are usually bigger and stronger built, with a more powerful motor. That motor and the gears used to run the mixing head are usually a lot heavier. This is why the head does not pivot up to access the bowl.​

When comparing the Artisan and Professional 600 it should be kept in mind that we are essentially comparing a smaller tilt-head(Artisan) against a larger bowl-lift(Professional 600).

Kitchenaid Artisan and Professional Comparison


Professional 600

Mixer type




325 Watt

575 Watt

Bowl Size




Dough hook, flat beater
and wire whip 

Dough hook, flat beater
and wire whip 

Suitable for

Small batches

Larger batches

So not exactly comparing like for like. However both are still suitable for home use, just be aware that the Professional is not a mixer intended for heavy industrial use.​

Kitchenaid artisan

The Kitchenaid Artisan is tilt-head mixer with a 325 Watt motor and a 5 Quart stainless steel mixing bowl.

It comes with a small pouring shield to help keep your kitchen splatter free.

The Artisan is available in 20 different colors so there is sure to be one to suit every kitchen.​

The Artisan replaced the smaller Classic as the baby in the line up from Kitchenaid. The Classic up to that point was easily Kitchenaid's biggest selling mixer.

Thankfully the release of the artisan continued to impress just like its predecessor ​and is now the top seller for Kitchenaid. You see how the Artisan compares to the Classic here.

What is the Artisan best suited to ?

The Artisan is suitable for mixing small batches of bread or cookie dough and perfectly matched for whipping up egg whites/yolks and cream.​

For larger jobs that may put a lot of strain on your stand mixer then we would recommend the Professional 600 below.​


  • 325 Watt motor
  • 5 Quart bowl
  • 10 speeds for variable control
  • Pouring shield included
  • 1 year warranty

Kitchenaid professional 600

The Kitchenaid Pro 600 is also a 10 speed mixer but is a step up in power from the Artisan with a 575 Watt motor versus the smaller 350 Watt one found in the Artisan.

That extra power and resulting stronger internal metal gearing makes it possible to run the Pro on larger amounts of dough, something the Artisan may not be suitable for due it's plastic gearing.​

The Pro also uses a direct drive system to help transfer as much power as possible to the mixing head as opposed to a belt driven one. Direct drive is usually stronger and more efficient.​

The mixing bowl is 6 quarts which should be good for about 12-13 dozen cookies and considerably large batches of bread dough Kichenaid claim about 8 loaves.
Note - these are maximum numbers and to ensure a long running life of your mixer I would not recommend using such sizes of mix.

The bowl-lift design keeps that larger bowl securely in place with the height being adjustable.

What is the Pro 600 best suited to ?

The Professional 600 is best suited to mixing large batches of dough.

When mixing smaller amounts the Pro ​may not create much contact between the attachment and your mix, this is why it is best suited to larger quantities only.

If your intention is to mix very small batches or to whip small amounts of cream or eggs then the Pro 600 is not all that suitable for such a task and you would be best to choose the Artisan instead. 

  • 575 Watt motor
  • 6 Quart bowl
  • Soft start feature
  • 67 touch points

Kitchenaid Artisan vs Professional

Both are highly capable 10 speed stand mixers that are suitable for home usage. Your intended use is really what should drive your choice between the two. ​

What is the difference between the Kitchenaid Artisan and Professional ?

The differences between the Kitchenaid Artisan and Pro​fessional are:

  • Size: Artisan 5 Quart, Pro 6 Quart
  • Power: Artisan 375 Watt, Pro 575 Watt
  • Price: The Artisan is the cheaper option

Kitchenaid Artisan vs Pro 600 which should you buy ?

​For the majority of home cooks that are not mixing large amounts of cookie or heavy bread dough on a regular basis then the Kitchenaid Artisan it the clear choice.

Most home chefs will not need the larger size and motor of the Professional 600.

However those that regularly make bread on a daily basis may require the extra power and stronger components found in the Pro 600.

Mixing lots of tough dough on a regular basis is quite hard on any stand mixer and the Kitchenaid 600 is certainly up to the job.

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