Is a personal portable mini blender worth its price?

Is a Rechargeable Personal Portable Mini Blender Worth its Price?

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From ordering groceries online to paying bills through credit cards and working remotely, technology has made our lives easier, less time-consuming, and convenient. Inventions such as automatic driving cars, air fryers, hearing aids, and translator headphones have changed the world as we know it. Another such invention is the rechargeable personal portable mini blender. Thanks to this little wand, cooking is easier and significantly speedier.

A rechargeable personal portable mini blender adds an unmatchable level of convenience to its user’s life. People can manage to sleep in, knowing making a healthy breakfast is no longer a strenuous process. The combination of practical design and convenient usability has managed to hit off-the-chart sales for this kitchen tool. Owing to its functionality, future sales and popularity are expected to grow even more.

Before discussing if the rechargeable personal portable mini blender is worth its price, it is essential to discuss the uses and compare the benefits and limitations of owning one. Let’s begin!

What is a Rechargeable Personal Portable Mini Blender?

As the name suggests, the rechargeable personal portable mini blender is a small-sized portable kitchen blender that can be recharged, packed in your everyday bag, and taken outside the home for using it to make smoothies and desserts on the go.  This relieves you from the stress of finding a power source every time you have to blend something.

Thanks to the rechargeable personal portable mini blender, you can whip up a protein shake or a banana smoothie while sitting in your car, during your lunch break at the office, or just after your gym run. You only have to charge the rechargeable personal portable mini blender in advance and carry it with you during the day to enjoy instant and quickly-prepared drinks and desserts.

How to Use a Rechargeable Personal Portable Mini Blender?

  • Fully charge your blender for 3 hours (or as mentioned on the manufacturer’s manual) when first using.
  • Cut the fruits, vegetables, or other solid ingredients into 1-inch pieces, and add any liquid such as water, milk, or juice.
  • Turn the blender around, switch it on and rotate it 45 to 180 degrees to blend everything.
  • Shake the blender up and down
  • Pour out the juice or smoothie or enjoy it directly from the container.

Who Should Buy a Rechargeable Personal Portable Mini Blender?

The uses of a rechargeable personal portable mini blender are countless, making them a useful appliance for people of all ages and interests. Some of the people who definitely need to purchase and use the rechargeable personal portable mini blender are as follows:

  1. Parents who prepare meals to feed themselves and their families
  2. People with hectic daily schedules
  3. The workout enthusiasts
  4. People suffering from an ailment or a medical condition
  5. People living in college dorms
  6. People living in shared or small apartment spaces
  7. Children who participate in physical sports
  8. People who have to consume healthy meals due to a vitamin deficiency
  9. The frequent travelers

Uses of a Rechargeable Personal Portable Mini Blender

Here are a few ways a rechargeable personal portable mini blender can be useful for you:

  • For blending fruits and water to make healthy fruit juices.
  • For making nutritional detox drinks by blending healthy vegetables (spinach, cucumber, kale, etc.).
  • For preparing different salad dressings.
  • For preparing different marinades for marinating chicken, meat, or fish.
  • For preparing different sauces.
  • For blending nuts, oats, and yogurt to prepare a nutritious breakfast bowl.
  • For making post-workout protein shakes and energy drinks.
  • Using as a bottle and carry water or juice
  • For preparing homemade protein-rich hummus.
  • For blending fruits and berries to prepare purees and jams.
  • For charging a mobile phone in the absence of other power sources.
  • For blending different ingredients to prepare face masks.

Advantages Of a Rechargeable Personal Portable Mini Blender

Some of the advantages of owning and using a rechargeable personal portable mini blender are:

  1. It does require a connection to a current power source to function and comes with an internal battery that has to be recharged before use.
  2. It is compact, and its smaller size makes it easy to carry around in a purse, a school bag, a shoulder bag, or just your regular gym bag. It can even fit in a car cup holder.
  3. It is lightweight so carrying it around is not an issue for young children, people with compromised physical fitness, and old people.
  4. It is extremely easy to use. Just put your chopped ingredients, add some water, milk, or juice, and press the power button to turn on the portable mini blender and mix everything to make your food or drink within seconds.
  5. The small size now affects the blades’ strength, sharpness, and quality. That means blending fruits, vegetables, meat, nuts, and ice cubes is a no-hassle process when you own a rechargeable personal portable mini blender.  
  6. It is easy to match your rechargeable personal portable mini blender with your kitchen interior and aesthetics as it comes in multiple attractive colors.
  7. It consists of two main units: the lid and the blender. Since it does not require assembly, the cleaning process is very easy.
  8. For cleaning, you only have to pour water and a spoon full of dishwashing liquid into the glass part and turn the blender on. It will clean itself within seconds.
  9. The fun thing about the rechargeable personal portable mini blender is that it is designed so that it does not require the consumer to use a separate glass or drinking container. The glass part of the blender itself is meant to act as the serving utensil. You can drink your smoothie or juice directly from it, eliminating the need to carry a separate glass or mug with you while traveling.
  10. It saves you time. You don’t have to spend additional time making breakfast or drinking your smoothie in the kitchen. You can throw in your ingredients, give the blender a whizz, and your food is ready to consume while you are on your way to work!
  11. It is dishwasher friendly.
  12. It comes with a 1-to-2-year warranty. If any part breaks down during that time, you can file for a claim and get a free repair or a new blender in exchange for the old one.
  13. Each portable blender comes with a small handle, which makes carrying it around much more convenient.
  14. It has a USB charging port located right under the power button. You can use your regular charging cable to charge your personal portable mini blender.
  15. If your cellphone is out of battery, you can plug your phone’s charging cable into the USB port and use the blender as a power source to charge your phone.
  16. The USB port allows the rechargeable personal portable mini blender to be charged by the car’s built-in charger, allowing for a recharge as you drive to work or college.
  17. The high-capacity batteries of a rechargeable personal portable mini blender can store high amounts of charge and also retain the same for a long time. Because the blending time is short, the blending action does not use too much battery. Hence, you can use the blender multiple times after a single recharge.
Is a personal portable mini blender worth its price?

Disadvantages Of a Rechargeable Personal Portable Mini Blender

The rechargeable personal portable mini blender is one of the most sought-out holiday gifts and Amazon purchases due to its multiple advantages and ability to whip up delicious and healthy foods within seconds. But it turned out to be not an ideal invention as it was thought of. Many consumers wrote negative reviews of the product and shared their grievances.

Following were the negative points raised by users for whom buying a rechargeable personal portable mini blender was not as great an experience as they hoped.

  1. The commercial users found the blender inefficient as it could not create bulk orders. The process of refilling the blender container again and again to prepare a single order was cumbersome.
  2. Homemakers with large families found the portable blender of no help because it took them forever to prepare food for the whole family.
  3. Travelers who spend more than three days on the road ran out of batteries and found the prospect of lugging a dead blender an uncomfortable one.
  4. People living in shared places had their rechargeable personal portable mini blenders stolen and tried to claim their warranty. However, the warranty only covers damages and is not extended to theft, so the people were left disappointed.
  5. Even though the portable blender can crush hard items like ice and nuts, repeated practice can cause the blades to become blunt, reducing the appliance’s overall performance.
  6. The rechargeable personal portable mini blenders are not available in every country, and culinary enthusiasts based out of the US might have to import one. This is not a favorable practice because not only do they have to pay additional shipping costs and taxes, but claiming warranty or getting the appliance repaired can be a hassle.
  7. The users who live in areas with frequent and unexpected electricity surges were less than satisfied with the battery performance of the blender. The reason behind owning a rechargeable portable blender is the ease of blending on the go. If the appliance doesn’t charge fully, the battery won’t be able to power the blender for more than two to three uses.
  8. The portability of the mini blender means it is not built to survive harsh conditions, so it is not an ideal choice for people going out on adventures where there is a probable chance of damaging the appliance.

Final Verdict

It is clear from the discussion above that the advantages of a rechargeable portable blender far outweigh the disadvantages. The disadvantages mostly depict how the portable blender is not an ideal choice for a certain consumer kind. Suppose you do not belong to that group. In that case, you can go ahead and order that blender and embark on a journey of convenient and delicious health care because a rechargeable personal portable mini blender is totally worth its price!

Is a personal portable mini blender worth its price?