Foods That Start With L

21 Foods That Start With L

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If you are looking to discover a big list of the foods that start with L then you have come to the right place.

The most obvious ones being lamb, lemon and lobster, just how many can you get right?

Foods That Start With L

1. Ladyfinger

Ladyfinger biscuits are a tasty combo of soft and crunchy, named after the slight resemblance to the shape of a finger.

The egg-based sponge biscuits are sweet and often used in tiramisu, trifles and other desserts as well as enjoyed on their own. Flour, cornstarch, eggs and sugar are combined to make Ladyfinger biscuits.

2. Lamb

Lamb is the tender meat of domestic sheep in their first year. This meat is most commonly cooked as a rack, cutlet, roast or mince.

Full of flavor that goes well with pasta and vegetables, lamb is a popular choice for stir fry dishes, curries, casseroles, stews, burgers and salads.

3. Langoustine

Langoustine is a type of crustacean, smaller than lobsters but with a similar pale pink and orange color.

Also known as Dublin Bay prawn, Norway lobster or scampi, langoustine has a sweet flesh making it an in-demand addition to fine dining menus. Langoustine is often blanched, boiled or fried and served with pork or vegetables.

4. Lard

Lard is a form of animal fat. It’s semi-solid and white in color from fatty pig tissues. Lard is made through boiling, steaming or dry heat.

Lard can be used to sauté vegetables, fry eggs and baste chickens for a crunchy, crackly skin. Lard is also an ingredient in many desserts, such as cakes and pie crusts.

5. Latke

Latke is a delicious potato pancake made from grated potato, flour or matzo meal and egg or applesauce to bind it all together.

The traditional breakfast meal is often flavored with grated onion, garlic and other seasonings and served with eggs, bacon or sausage. Sour cream and ketchup are popular condiment choices for latkes.

6. Leek

Leek is a vegetable in the same family as chive, garlic, onion, shallot and scallion. Leek looks like a large scallion with a small bulb and long white stalk.

Leek and potato soup is a well-known dish with this veggie, as well as chicken and leek pie, spanakopita and lasagna.

7. Legume

Legume is a type of plant that has a pod with seeds. This encompasses beans, lentils, peas and peanuts. Legumes are a great source of healthy protein and fibers, as well as B vitamins, zinc, copper and phosphorus.

Black bean tacos, refried beans, lentil soup, chickpea sweet potato stew, chili and southwestern salad include legumes.

8. Lekwar

Lekvar is a type of Hungarian prune or apricot. This dried fruit is used for filling, butter and jam in many sweet dishes. Prune lekvar has a strong flavor to fill cookies, cakes, crackers and other pastries.

Lekvar is a staple in Eastern European and Jewish culture, as it can be chilled in the refrigerator for several weeks and spread over toast and pancakes.

9. Lemon

Lemon is a round citrus fruit from the lemon tree. Lemon juice has a distinctive sour taste and is used in lemonade, alcoholic beverages and other drinks as well as desserts like lemon meringue pie.

Lemon juice is often sprinkled on meat, salads and vegetables for extra flavor, and the pulp and rind can be used in recipes too.

10. Lentil

Lentil is an edible legume plant with seeds grown in a pod. The lens-shaped seeds are similar to beans and chickpeas, as they are low in fat yet high in protein and fiber.

There are black, brown, red, yellow and green lentils, which can be boiled, simmered and ready to eat within 20 minutes. Lentils are usually paired with potatoes and other veggies.

11. Lettuce

Lettuce is a leafy vegetable used as a salad base as well as an ingredient in soups, sandwiches and wraps.

Lettuce is low in calories and high in nutrients like vitamin C, calcium, folate and potassium. Iceberg lettuce is known for its crispy and crunchy leaves, while arugula is earthy and peppery.

12. Liquorice

Liquorice is a plant native to southern Europe and western Asia. An extract from the plant roots is used to make the common liquorice confectionery, a type of candy that’s sweet and chewy.

Liquorice may come in chewy ropes, tubes or individual bite-sized pieces. Liquorice-based sweets also include jellybeans and lollipops.

13. Lima Beans

Lima beans are a type of legume also known as butter beans. Lima beans have high levels of folates, potassium, copper and magnesium.

A buttery taste, nutty aroma and smooth texture make lima beans a savory choice for vegetarian dishes and they are commonly included in South American, Mediterranean and Indian cuisine.

14. Limpa

Limpa is a type of Swedish rye bread. Limpa is made with brown sugar or molasses and orange zest, anise, fennel and caraway.

Some recipes, especially those for the holiday season, include stout beer as an ingredient, while others incorporate marmalade and additional seasoning.

Limpa is a common bread served at family gatherings and cultural festivals.

15. Linguica

Linguica is a common pork sausage in Brazil and Portugal. The smoke-cured sausage is seasoned with paprika and garlic and often served with potatoes and vegetables.

Linguica with calabrese or South American pepper is used as a spicy sausage for pizza, similar to pepperoni. Linguica may be smoked with banana leaves or mixed with onions, beans and ham.

16. Liver

Liver is an animal food product that’s rich in iron copper, vitamin B and preformed vitamin A. Domestic pig, calf, ox, lamb, goose, chicken and cod livers are available in butchers and supermarkets across the globe.

Liver may be baked, fried, broiled, boiled, stir-fried or consumed raw, with liver sashimi a popular dish in Lebanese culture.

17. Liverwurst

Liverwurst is a European liver sausage eaten throughout Austria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Germany and many other countries including Chile and Argentina.

The sausage is made from pig or calf livers and often complemented with the addition of bacon and onion. Liverwurst is very soft and typically spread on bread and crackers.

18. Lobster

Lobster is a crustacean with large claws and a vibrant orange, pinkish color. As a premium seafood dish, lobster is usually boiled or steamed.

Lobster can be dipped in hot melted butter, mayonnaise or lemon juice before cooking for extra flavor and soft texture. Lobster may be purchased live or frozen from fresh seafood markets.

19. Lollipop

Lollipop is a boiled sugar candy on a stick made from corn syrup, sucrose and flavoring. Lollipops slowly dissolve as they are licked or sucked on, and fruit flavors are especially popular.

There are lime, lemon, watermelon, mango, raspberry, strawberry, cherry, orange, peach, grape, chocolate and cotton candy lollipops, just to name a few.

20. Lovage

Lovage is a perennial plant with the leaves used as herbs and the roots as a vegetable.

Lovage seeds are a spice often used in southern Europe cooking. Lovage is known as a digestive aid and included in fresh pea soup as well as fresh roasted chicken dishes and pesto.

21. Lychee

If you are a fan of Chinese cooking then you have probably have lychee served to you as a dessert. They a small sweet fruits and are most commonly used as a garnish on ice-cream.