Do Pickles go Bad ?

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Do pickles go bad ? And is so how long will they actually last?

Pickles are a great snack that can be enjoyed with a ton of different meals. They accentuate sandwiches to make them even more delicious and many people even like to eat them when they’re really strong.

That strong taste from the pickling is in fact what gives them a long shelf life.​

Thousand's of fridges out there have a jar of pickles hiding on the back of a shelf. If your fridge is similar then you may not need to throw out that old jar after all.​

Do Pickles go Bad ?

If you’re a pickle connoisseur, you might have wondered whether pickles ever actually go bad. The answer is a bit complex.

Expiration Dates

Pickles that you buy at the store will generally have an expiration date prominently printed on the jar. These expiration dates are usually fairly long-lasting but according to the jar, there is a date where they will go bad.

The truth is that the expiration date printed on the package isn’t really accurate. Pickles can last much longer than the date that is printed on the package.

Incredibly Long-Lasting

You might be surprised to hear that you can actually eat pickles that are past their expiration dates. Not only can you eat them but they can stay good for between one and two years. This is a crazy amount of time for something to keep but pickles are unique in that they’re perfect for maintaining longevity.

You just need to make sure you’re storing the pickles properly in order to be able to eat them this far past the recommended date.

Your pickles should be placed inside of an airtight container. A jar would work quite well for pickles but it’s possible to use other freezer-safe containers to get the same results. Then you need to ensure that you’re refrigerating them for the best results.

You can have pickles in your refrigerator for over a year and, if you stored them properly, you can be completely confident that they will be tasty.

How Do They Keep So Long?

The pickling process is really the reason why pickles can be stored for such a long length of time. When cucumbers are turned into pickles, they are stored in jars that have a combination of vinegar and salt water.

The vinegar that is used works well to fight off the bacteria that make food go bad. This gives pickles their long lives and allows you to enjoy a tasty treat even if it has been a year since you bought them from the store.

Suggested Uses for Pickles

Even though pickles store for such a long time, it’s still a good idea to use them up. Thankfully, there are so many great uses for pickles that you probably won’t ever let them hang around longer than a year.

You should enjoy tasty pickles every chance you get. Whenever you’re planning on making a sandwich, it’s always going to have more bite when you add some slices of pickle to the equation.

Pickles are also fantastic when cooked. Whether you’re using them to accentuate a meal or you love them so much that you eat them by themselves, pickles are always sure to please.

Use them in your cooking, put one in your lunch, and use them as snacks to help you satiate hunger. You’ll find plenty of uses for pickles and you’ll enjoy eating them every time.