How to Clean Stainless Steel Cookware

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If you have gone to the expense of buying a high quality cookware set such as All-Clad or Calphalon then you should learn how to rally care for them.

Looking after your cookware helps to ensure that it lasts for many decades.​

While stainless steel cookware is incredibly popular for number of reasons, if you do not know how to clean your pots and pans, then you will find using this type of cookware incredibly frustrating.

How to Clean Stainless Steel Cookware

A regular cleaning routine is important and will keep stains from occurring as well as ensure that your cookware remain spotless.

Understanding how to clean your stainless steel cookware will prevent major problems from occurring and keep you happy while you are in the kitchen.

Deal with Tough Stains

Your first step when cleaning your stainless steel cookware is to deal with any tough stains and food that is cooked onto the surface of your pot or pan.

If there is dried food that has been cooked on, you will need to begin by soaking your cookware in hot and soapy water for several hours.

Many people like to soak their cookware overnight, which ensures that there is plenty of time for the cooked-on food to soften. After the pan has set for several hours are overnight, use a scouring pad and scrub the surface to remove bits of food.

Make sure that you do not use scrubbers that are copper or steel wool, as these will scratch your pots and pans.

Remove Burn Marks

Burn marks on the bottom of your cookware can occur from the pot or pan being left on the burner and may ruin the appearance of your cookware. Heat damage can often be removed by rubbing baking soda over the burn marks. Adding a little water to the baking soda will make it more like a paste, which is easier to rub in. If this doesn’t work, then using Bar Keeper’s Friend is a great way to clean the exterior of your cookware.

Get Rid of Water Spots

Water spots can occur on the surface of your cookware due to minerals and the water that build up on the surface. They are easy to get rid of by rinsing pans and pots with club soda and then drying them with a cloth.

Another way to get rid of water stains is by soaking the pan in a mixture of water and vinegar before washing it with a detergent and drying it.

Cook Away Marks

This may seem surprising, but if you have major burn marks on your cookware, you can actually try to cook them all off of the surface.

This can be done by adding just enough water to the cookware to cover the burn marks, bringing the water to a stove, adding a few tablespoons of salt, and then turning off the heat.

After the pan has cooled for several hours, you can dump out the water and then scrub the stains with a pad.

Keeping your stainless steel cookware in great condition takes a little effort, but is well worth it when you have attractive and durable pots and pans to use in the kitchen.

These steps will help you clean your cookware, depending on the type of cleaning needed, and ensure that your cookware is as attractive as it is functional.