What is Gorgonzola Cheese ?

what is gorgonzola

Gorgonzola is great in rissotto, adds a nice tang to mini onion tarts, and can really lift up a salad especially if paired with something like apple.  But what is Gorgonzola cheese ? How does it get its taste and what’s the difference between Gorgonzola and bleu cheese ? What is Gorgonzola ? Gorgonzola comes … Read more

What is Cornflour?

what is cornflour

What is Cornflour and what can you use it for? Not to be confused with cornstarch, in the UK and several other countries, cornflour is interchangeable with cornstarch so you need be extra careful where the recipe you are about to make has come from. What is Cornflour ? In the US cornflour is the … Read more

What is Gruyère Cheese?

what is gruyere cheese

What is Gruyère Cheese and where does it come from? Gruyère is a type of Swiss cheese that is named after the town from which it originates, Gruyères in Switzerland. Like a lot of Swiss cheeses it makes for both a good sliced cheese for a cheese board or sandwiches and is also an excellent … Read more