Substitute for Chives

Substitute for Chives – What to Use ?

What are some good alternatives to use a substitute for chives? If you are fresh out of chives and need a quick replacement then don’t worry there are a few viable alternatives that most cooks will …

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Oregano Substitute

Oregano Substitute – Your Best Bets

Just started to cook your favorite meal and find that you are in need of an oregano substitute?  Don’t worry there are some fairly common replacements available that are probably already in your kitchen. While cooking is …

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Basil Substitute

Basil Substitute – Your Best Bets

If you are in need of a good basil substitute then look no further. There are quite a few replacements for basil depending on the dish that you are cooking. Many recipes call for basil. It’s …

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Onion Powder Substitute

Onion Powder Substitute – What to Use?

Just looked in your cupboard to find you are all out of onion powder? Don’t worry it is fairly easy to find an onion powder substitute, you’ll probably already have some of these.Onion Powder SubstituteIt’s …

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Substitute for Dry Mustard

Substitute for Dry Mustard – What to Use?

I need of a substitute for dry mustard and aren’t quite sure what to use? Believe it or not, dry or ground mustard actually comes from a plant, which is essentially the basis for all varieties …

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Substitute for Sage

Substitute for Sage – What’s Best?

Finding a decent substitute for sage is not too difficult in fact most cooks will have the majority of the herbs below already in their kitchen. Sage is an extremely versatile herb and arguably one of …

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Ginger Substitute

Ginger Substitute – What to Use?

What are the best best bets to use as a ginger substitute if you have just run out? We have a few replacements for your kitchen if you are stuck in a bind. Rooted in Southern …

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Rosemary Substitute

Rosemary Substitute – What to Use?

All out of rosemary and stuck looking for something to replace it with. We talk you through the best options to use as a rosemary substitute. Rosemary is one of the trickiest herbs to substitute for …

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Marjoram Substitute

Marjoram Substitute – What to Use?

Just about to start cooking and find you have run out of marjoram? There are a few common options that you can use as a marjoram substitute. It’s really annoying when you find out that you’re …

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Nutmeg Substitute

Nutmeg Substitute – What to Use?

If you’re cooking a dish that calls for nutmeg and suddenly you find that you’re completely out of the spice, fear not you have a number of options as a nutmeg substitute.  It’s never optimal …

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