Pancetta vs Bacon

Pancetta vs Bacon – What’s the Difference?

Pancetta vs Bacon; are die hard Italia cooks correct in stating that pancetta is in fact different to bacon or are both essentially the same with a slight regional twist? Make no mistake about it both …

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Shallot vs Green Onion

Shallot vs Green Onion – What’s the difference?

Shallot vs Green Onion what is the difference between the two?  Members of the allium family, which means that they are related to chives, garlic, and onions, both shallots and green onion are used in cooking …

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Scallions vs Chives

Scallions vs Chives – What’s the Difference?

Scallions vs Chives just how different are they and can you use one in place of the other?  It’s important that you use the correct ingredient in your recipe for while they may appear similar …

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Chives vs Green Onion

Chives vs Green Onion – What’s the difference?

Chives vs Green Onion are they essentially the same and can you use one in place of the other?Chives vs Green OnionWhen you are pursuing culinary endeavors, it pays to know the differences between some …

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Shallot vs Onion

Shallot vs Onion – What’s the Difference ?

Shallot vs Onion what exactly is the difference and can you replace one for the other?Shallot vs OnionThe onion family of plants and herbs is quite extensive and besides the onion itself, the ones you …

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Scallions vs Green Onions

Scallions vs Green Onions – What’s the Difference?

Scallions vs Green Onions aren’t they the same thing? Then why all the confusion? No matter where you go, scallions and green onions are essentially the same thing and the names are quite often used interchangeably …

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what are chives

What are Chives?

What are chives and how can you use them in your cooking ? Chives are an herb that is very commonly used in cooking but most people do not know what this herb actually is or …

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Substitute for Chives

Substitute for Chives – What to Use ?

What are some good alternatives to use a substitute for chives? If you are fresh out of chives and need a quick replacement then don’t worry there are a few viable alternatives that most cooks will …

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Oregano Substitute

Oregano Substitute – Your Best Bets

Just started to cook your favorite meal and find that you are in need of an oregano substitute?  Don’t worry there are some fairly common replacements available that are probably already in your kitchen. While cooking is …

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