Zoodle Chicken Scampi and Catching up on Life Lately

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I know that I haven’t been posting much lately, but with Thanksgiving and Christmas there was just a lot going on and I didn’t have a lot of time to really post very much. But now that Christmas is over and the New Year is almost here, things will be getting back to normal.

I actually had a pretty great Christmas. We just stayed home this year (instead of traveling to visit family in Minnesota). Got lots of great and useful gifts including my Gefu Spiral Slicer.


If you are familiar with the Vegetti, this is similar to that. I just love it when I get new kitchen gadgets! Now of course, just like with any new kitchen gadget I always have to test it out and see how it works! So last night for supper we had Zoodle Chicken Scampi. It was delicious, satisfying, and I think it has become another favorite dish at our house.


Zoodle Chicken Scampi

2-3 Zucchini, cut into noodles by using a spiral slicers

3-4 Chicken Breasts

2 tbsp. Olive Oil

1-2 Garlic Cloves, minced

1/4 cup Chicken Broth

2 tbsp. Fresh Lemon Juice

Chopped Black Olives

Small Handful of Fresh Parsley

Heat a large pan over medium heat with olive oil. Add the garlic to the hot pan and cook for at least a minute.

Add the chicken to the pan and cook until cooked through. Season the chicken with salt and pepper. Once the chicken is cooked, transfer to a plate

In that same pan, add the chicken broth and lemon juice. Be sure to scrape any of the brown bits from the bottom of the pan. Let the liquid simmer for about 2 min. Add the zucchini noodles and cook, stirring occasionally for 2 min. Return the chicken to the pan along with the black olives and toss to combine. Add the parsley before serving.


Oh yeah, and I almost forgot! See those nice pictures in this post? These are taken with my brand new Canon Powershot ELPH135 camera. My old camera took a nose dive out of my hands and onto the kitchen floor a couple of weeks ago. The lens broke into a million pieces and the case cracked. I’m sure I could have just gotten it fixed, but I thought it was time for me and my old camera to part ways. Thankfully Best Buy was having a really good sale that I just couldn’t pass up. I’m still learning how to use my new camera but I LOVE IT!

What’s In Store For The Kitchen Revival In 2015?

Since 2014 is close to drawing to an end, I have been thinking about the blog and the direction of it. There are lots of great new things on the horizon for The Kitchen Revival. As much as I would like to discuss them all, I would prefer to wait until the time is right to share. I am looking forward to the New Year, new opportunities, and new ideas. I hope that my fans and loyal readers will continue being the amazing loyal readers that they are. 

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