Winter Wellness: Caring For Your Pet During The Winter Months

Our four legged friends are an important part of our families too, so of course we need to look out for their best interest during the winter months.

I love my four legged friend and I am always looking out for him. During the winter months, I look out for him even more because the cold winter temps and the snow can take a toll on them.

Today I have some helpful tips on how you can best care for your four legged friend during the cold winter months.

Wipe your dog’s feet and tummy after coming in from outsideI always try to do this after Conner comes in from outside. Be sure to keep an eye on their paw pads because they are sensitive and can bleedĀ if snow or ice gets encrusted on them. Also salt, anti-freeze or other kinds of chemicals could hurt your dog if they ingest them while licking their paws.

Dress them in the proper winter gearIt’s important to keep your dog warm when it’s colder outside. Even though dogs have fur, they still get cold. They make adorable dog sweaters that your dog can wear to keep them warm.

Take shorter walksConner doesn’t get very many walks during the winter months, but we try when the weather allows it. But if you do take your dog on a walk in the colder weather, just make it shorter.

Do not leave your dog in a carEven if you just need to run a quick errand, you should never leave your dog in a car. If you need to run an errand, please leave your pet at home where it’s safe!

Keep your dog leashed on walksSometimes it’s just nice to let your dog run loose on a walk, but this is not a good idea during the winter months when there is snow on the ground. Dogs can easily lose their scent during the winter months, especially when there is snow on the ground. So be sure to keep your dog on a leash if you are in an area that your dog is not familiar with. Also be sure your dog’s ID tags are up to date just in case your pet gets lost.

Give your pet a soft place to sleep My dog loves to be surrounded by a blanket when he sleeps at night. So we keep a blanket in his bed for him. Dogs need a warm place to sleep too, so give your dog a blanket or something to keep them warm in their bed at night.


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