Micronesia: Ginger Lime Chicken


This week we traveled to Micronesia, which is made up of thousands of small islands. There are approximately 2100 islands, with a total land area of 2,700 square kilometers. There are four main island groups which are the Caroline Islands, Gilbert Islands, Mariana Islands, and the Marshall Islands. These four islands are represented by a star on the flag.


In Micronesia you can find lots of tempting and delicious delicacies. Micronesia is a unique combination of western & eastern cuisine. The main influence of their cuisine comes from the Spanish, Malay, and Chinese cultures.

Like many Asian countries, the most important dish is rice which is served with most meals. Fish and seafood are popular staples. Like many Oceanic countries, many dishes are made using coconut or coconut milk. 

When I was researching the cuisine and culture of this country I didn’t find very much information. But I did come across several different recipes for Micronesian Chicken. The one that I decided to use is from Sasha at Global Table Adventure and she has a very easy recipe for a Micronesian Ginger & Lime Marinade that can be used on fish or chicken. 

On the side I decided to make yams cooked in coconut milk, which was delicious!


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