How My Battle With Anxiety Has Made Me A Better Person

When I shared my anxiety struggles in My Life Lately post a few weeks ago I have to admit that I was a little nervous because for the longest time I was ashamed and uncomfortable about my anxiety because I was so worried about what others would think of me. But sharing my struggle was freeing and it actually felt good!

Because of the way it made me feel and also because I know that there are a lot of other people out there struggling with anxiety, I will be sharing a lot more on what I know about anxiety, and strategies and coping skills I have learned that have helped me get through my anxiety. My hope is that through my story and by sharing helpful strategies and coping skills that this will help others struggling with anxiety.

One thing that I didn’t share in My Life Lately post is that my journey with anxiety first began when I was in High School. But then I went years without my anxiety being an issue. When my anxiety decided to make an appearance again, to be honest I felt as if my anxiety were a burden because I allowed it to hold me back from enjoying life. But now I can say and I also feel that anxiety has made me a better person.

If I would have never had this experience, I would have never taken the time to explore my own head – to understand my doubts, fears and triggers. I now even understand myself and what I want even more. My anxiety has also taught me that there is no shame in seeking or asking for help. This journey has also taught me to rely on God even more and to love myself even more. And I think I even understand other people better too! What I’ve been going through allows me to relate to others in similar situations even more.

Most of the time these days I can stay grounded, observe my emotions and not grow anxious in both good and bad situations.

I have so much to share on what I have learned and continue to learn through this journey as well as with my anxiety and I am looking forward to sharing what I learned. But if you or anyone you know is struggling with anxiety, if I could give you just one piece of advice or wisdom it would have to be this: Whatever you maybe going through it probably won’t go away unless you deal with your issue head on. But the load (anxiety) you are carrying will get lighter and it will get better. Do not allow your anxiety to hold you back from anything because you are destined for greatness and this anxiety is just something that will make you an even better person. Yes, you will have bad days, but you will also have really good days. The good days is what you will want to treasure the most. There will be people who will understand what you are going through because they have been there, but there will also be those who don’t understand at all. Surround yourself with those who understand, those who love you and support you the most. Those are the people that will help you get through this.

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