My Gluten Free Journey


All my life, I have struggled with digestive problems. I always felt bloated as a kid and I would complain about stomach pains a lot, and missed a lot of school because of it. Some days the discomfort was unbearable that I would just lay in a fetal position until the stomach pain went away.

If digestive issues weren’t enough, I also suffered from severe allergy & sinus problems. I would get frequent sinus & ear infections. A doctor finally told my mom to eliminate dairy from my diet and that I would eventually grow out of it and I would be able to consume dairy when I got older.

The symptoms just progressed as I got older: acid reflux, uncomfortable stomach pains, bloating/gas, weakened immune system, frequent sinus & ear infections, frequent neck & back pain, low energy, brain fog, overweight.

I don’t like to play the blame game, but I believe my digestive problems started with the food that my mom put on the table. My mom wasn’t much of a cook, so a lot of times she would make boxed dinners, such as Hamburger Helper. I love my mom and she did her best! My dad had his own health problems and I think I inherited his bad eating habits. Little did I know then that the food that I was eating would have such an impact on my health.

As I grew into an adult I started consuming dairy again, and sometimes I would give up dairy short term, but I would always end up going back to dairy because I just love ice cream!

19435_1290405949329_5229335_nMy journey started shortly after I got married in 2006 when my digestive issues took a turn for the worse. I was overweight (weighed about 190 lbs.), had horrible eating habits, and my symptoms just kept getting worse. I finally had to go see a doctor and was diagnosed with Acid Reflux and was placed on medication to help control it. One doctor told me that I would have to take these meds for the rest of my life.

 Some days the medication would help, but then there would be days when I would end up in the E.R. just feeling miserable. Of course my unhealthy diet wasn’t helping matters any and I knew something had to change. I decided that I needed to make some major changes in my life and my eating habits to achieve better health.

Things started changing when I started eating healthy and was able to lose weight. But the biggest change started in 2009 when I discovered the Gluten Free Lifestyle. After only a week of being Gluten Free I noticed a big difference with the way I was feeling, and I especially noticed that my Acid Reflux was better too! I also was able to get off the Acid Reflux meds.

Summer 2014 my allergy & sinus issues were out of control, so I finally decided to give up dairy for good!

How is My Health Today?

My health is not perfect and sometimes I fail when it comes to my eating healthy. But I am a work in progress that is always striving to improve my health and eating habits. I have a monsterous sweet tooth, and I am starting to discover that I need to change this. I am currently working on trying to eat even more healthy.